Ratings Agencies Give INB High Marks


When it comes to your money, peace of mind matters. That’s why INB takes our bank ratings so seriously.

We’re extremely diligent about our operations at INB – and it’s even more reassuring for our customers when a well-known ratings agency with rigorous standards agrees.

What’s a bank rating?

Several agencies analyze banks and credit unions. Two that rate INB are:

Bauer Financial home page image

1. BauerFinancial. Operating since 1983, BauerFinancial is completely independent. It does not get paid (nor has it ever) to rate any institution, nor can any institution avoid its rating.

Bauer uses the same strict barometer to rate all banks and all credit unions and makes those ratings available to all on its web site for free. 

INB is consistently ranked high by Bauer each year. As of 3/27/23, INB has 5 Stars at Bauer – the highest ranking that can be achieved! 

2. IDC Financial Publishing. Every quarter, IDC calculates a one-number rank for over 10,000 financial institutions, using a unique "CAMEL" analysis of 24 key financial ratios.

IDC’s bank safety ratings range from 1 (the lowest) to 300 (the highest) and fall into one of six categories: Superior, Excellent, Average, Below Average, Lowest Ratios, and Rank of One.

For the most recent rating, 4th quarter of 2022, INB achieved the highest category of Superior with a 207.

A “CAMEL” Analysis

CAMEL stands for:

  1. Capital Ratios – a foundation for safety and soundness. In other words, is the bank well capitalized?
  2. Adequacy of Capital and Loan Loss Reserve to cover loan delinquency
  3. Margins Measure Management
  4. Earnings Return on Equity equals the operating return plus the financial return
  5. Liquidity determines the ability to grow. In other words, does the bank have enough liquidity to support future growth?

Rankings such as these allow simple and direct comparison of the safety and soundness of any bank, savings institution, or credit union with any (or all) others. The results provide a quick, at-a-glance financial strength assessment.

Most rating agencies also continually refine their financial ratios and criteria to reflect additional financial data released by the regulators. 

INB strives each day to maintain our own high standards of excellence in banking, and we’re pleased to be recognized for those standards from leading rating agencies.