Sangamon County Tax Payments Accepted Through INB Drives


INB is accepting Sangamon County real estate tax payments at our Sangamon County branch drive-up lanes through Nov. 6, 2020. While the Sangamon County Treasure's Office is currently closed, you can use any of our eight Sangamon County locations to make your payments, including at the INB drive-up at 3rd and Capitol streets. You’ll find our drive hours here.  You can also make payments online at the county’s website.

INB began serving as a tax-payment location in 2015 at the request of the Sangamon County Treasurer. That first year we accepted 7,000 payments. In 2019, we accepted 12,729.

Both of your Sangamon County real estate tax payments are due Friday, Sept. 11. If you’re able to make your first payment by the original June 12 deadline, the county would appreciate it.

As usual, INB will make real estate tax payments for INB clients who use our escrow service. We’ll make both first and second installments before the original due dates. If you’re an INB mortgage customer and would like to use this service next year, follow this link to details and information on INB escrow accounts.

Real Estate Taxes in other Counties Served by INB

We are now accepting tax payments for the Illinois counties listed below. No matter what county you’re in, please bring your coupon with you to expedite the transaction. 

For your reference, here are links to each county’s property tax payment information and installment due dates.  You must make the payment at a branch in the county for which the taxes are due.

ChampaignSince we don’t have drive-up service in Champaign, please call ahead to schedule a time to make your payment. This way the staff can be waiting for you. Call 217-530-4359.

Payment 1 due June 1, 2020

Payment 2 due Sept. 1, 2020

Chesterfield, Missouri

We cannot accept property tax payments at our loan production office in Missouri.


Not available.


Payment 1 June 17, 2020

Payment 2 due Sept. 17, 2020


Payment 1 due June 9, 2020

Payment 2 due Sept.9, 2020


Payment 1 and 2 due Sept. 11

Payments accepted through Nov. 6.