INB Prepares for Effects of Coronavirus


This is a message from Sarah Phalen, president and CEO of INB;

Original message updated 3-16-2020 11:05 a.m. to include lobby closing information.

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads throughout the United States, we’ve been focusing on what we can do to help contain the virus while continuing to serve you. That goal, combined with our concern for our employees and community, is challenging us just as it is other organizations.

Banking Services

We want to assure you we plan to continue to provide all of our services to you. While our drive-thru services remain open, our lobbies except for Champaign and Fairmount will close beginning Tuesday, March 17. We hope you will choose to bank remotely.  If you don’t already use our digital banking services, we hope you will consider signing up. You’ll find our web application at the top of our home page.  If you download our mobile app to your smartphone, you’ll find you can even deposit checks without leaving home. We offer tips on using your digital account on our website as well.  If you need help setting up either digital method, please call us at 1-877-771-2316.  If you do choose to visit one of our branches, rest assured our employees and cleaning crew are following  guidelines provided by the CDC.

While this pandemic is a unique situation for banks to work through, the banking industry has faced many natural disasters and have a proven record of operating smoothly, protecting your deposits and providing continued access to your funds. Even with some uncertainty in the world as we move forward, we are quite certain you’ve chosen the safest place for your money: an FDIC-insured bank.

Employee Readiness

We are putting our Pandemic Preparedness & Response Policy in action. All unnecessary travel is being halted. This includes travel between our branches. We are even asking our employees in downtown Springfield NOT to travel between buildings. Meetings and quick conversations will take place using online meeting tools and the phone. We are also asking employees to hold conversations with vendors the same way. We will not allow visitors other than customers into our work spaces.

Because many of our employees can work from home, we don’t anticipate disruptions in banking services. While they can work remotely, we’ll also be balancing our employees need to take care of family members and themselves if they become ill.

I hope the best for your family and loved ones as you make your plans during this difficult time.