Many people who get a mortgage loan at INB are impressed with the process, but the prospect of moving their checking and savings accounts to INB can feel overwhelming.

Bill Townsend tells his mortgage customers interested in opening a checking account at INB that the process isn’t as time-consuming as they may think. With new technology, we make it easy to make the switch.Two employees

“Throughout the home loan process, we build trust with our mortgage customers and they’re more apt to want to switch over,” says Bill, AVP, mortgage lending at INB. “Our staff here is great; we hand the customer off to retail and get them all set up with new accounts.”

Departments Work Closely to Meet Needs

Technology only goes so far, though… the real secret behind our smooth processes is how well our bank departments work together. Whether you’re opening a new account as a mortgage customer, or you’re a current account holder who needs a mortgage loan, you’ll get the same great service.

“We work very closely with the mortgage team; most of our branches have lenders in the office, so you can get all your needs taken care of with one visit,” says Cayla Keyes, VP, retail sales manager and S. 6th St. branch manager.

Bill often introduces his mortgage customers to Cayla and her retail team, who take care of the account needs. Some customers are reluctant about the process to switch accounts, but Cayla assures them that INB does all the work.

“You don’t have to do anything but bring us your account info or bank statements, and we do all the switching,” Cayla says. “If it’s not seamless with technology, we can make those phone calls for you. We’ll make sure all automatic billing or payments are moved to your new account.”

Switch Your Accounts Easily – and Get a $250 Bonus

Cayla estimates the process to switch your accounts to INB typically takes 45 minutes. And if we have your information from your mortgage, it’s even easier.

Once you get your new checking account set up, you’ll walk out with everything else you might want – your debit card ordered (and sometimes even in your hand!), online banking and the INB app set up, and, in some cases, other account benefits, like cell phone protection and 24-hour roadside assistance.

Even better: if you already have a mortgage with INB, you can get a $250 bonus for opening a checking account, too (terms and conditions do apply).

“A lot of people would rather have everything under one roof, and our customers love that they can walk in and talk to everyone they need to,” Bill says. “There are benefits to that and a comfort level with working with everyone here. It makes the whole transition easy.” 

Local Banking = Reaching Your Financial Goals Faster

On the flip side, our retail team makes sure current INB account holders have easy access to other financial services they might need – from wealth advising to commercial loans to mortgage loans.

“We reach out to every customer. We talk about your financial goals going forward and how we can help you get there,” Cayla says.

If you want to start looking for a home, the process to getting a mortgage loan moves more quickly if you get prequalified first. INB refers all customers to a mortgage lender to get prequalified, so they’re ready to make an offer on their dream home as soon as they find it.

“The last thing we want is disappointed customers. We don’t want you to lose out on a home because you weren’t prequalified,” Cayla shares.

And because INB is efficient and can get your mortgage loan done quickly, you’ll get the new keys to your home even faster than you might with another mortgage lender. That’s one of the many benefits of banking at a community bank with staff who collaborate closely with each other.

“We’re all here to help. If the retail staff has an opportunity to help a customer by sending them my way, they will. Or vice versa,” Bill says. “As a local bank, we have a great support system here with good leadership and managers. We figure out how to get the job done and make banking easy.”

Have questions or need help choosing the right checking account? Give us a call at 217-747-5500.