Corey Kates and Corrine Graber
Corey Kates and Corinne Graber

When Corey Kates recently began his career at INB as a mortgage loan processor, he got to experience a training program that was shaped to his specific role and his personal learning process.

“The training I received was tailored to how I learn the best,” he said. “Everyone absorbs information differently, and I personally benefit the most by shadowing, driving, and receiving explanations verbally and visually. This is the exact training I have received from Sam Cullen (mortgage processing manager), and my peers in the mortgage department.”

Offering the best service and technology to our customers means we are devoted to employee development, learning and training at INB. And the process of learning begins with each employee’s very first day.

Employees Trained In and Out of the Classroom

Because seamless service is a top priority, we are committed to making sure all employees have the knowledge and tools to perform their individual jobs from the day they walk through our doors. Each employee undergoes “new hire” training, which is specific to their role at the bank, as well as an employee orientation session, which provides high-level information about INB’s various departments, use of equipment and communication standards. We have both classroom and on-the-job training, and we identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Corinne Graber, who recently started as a teller with INB after having worked at another bank, said she enjoyed the hands-on learning that INB encourages.

“I really liked that it was only one day of behind-the-scenes basics, and then right into the everyday mix of things,” she said. “I feel that is the best way for someone to learn any new role. I learn by doing, so the training style is very informative to me.”

After a new hire goes through this thorough training, they are mentored by an employee who provides additional oversight and training. This pairs a new hire with someone who can help answer specific questions and help them feel comfortable with the responsibilities of their new role.

“Everybody has been very open as far as answering questions that I may have, which has only enhanced my development. Not only that, but throughout the day they will stop my desk to see if they can help assist me with anything I need,” Corey said.

Meeting our customer’s unique needs is what we do best, and new employees learn this from Day One.

Front-line Staff Trained to Help Customers Succeed Financially

New hires in our retail department attend additional courses, which help them to learn how to carry out INB’s vision: developing relationships with customers, listening to their needs, and recommending bank products or services that will help customers minimize financial pressures to live a better life.

For many staff members who work directly with customers, we also have an outreach program where employees learn how to deepen relationships with existing customers and how to best meet their needs. Not only is this beneficial for employee education, but it ensures that our customers consistently receive superior service.

We believe that forward-thinking employee education and development never stops, and that’s why we begin with a strong training program from the first day: to cultivate thriving relationships with our team and with our customers every day.