Marsha Shomidie made banking her career, starting more than 40 years ago after college.  She came to INB when the bank first opened, and headed to Pleasant Plains 10 years ago.  On August 30, she’ll walk away from her career into a well-deserved retirement. A few of her colleagues shared their “Marsha” stories.

Marsha Shomidie retires!

Jamie Singer, Vice President, Treasury Services

“Marsha and I spent a number of years working together in the Main lobby.  I can remember our very frequent Boone’s salad with double ranch dressing cravings.  She would convince me at times by paying, and letting me drive her fancy Ford Explorer to go pick them up!  She was always sweet to work with.  One year she had wooden stand up reindeers made for us (by her amazing father) for a Christmas gift.  Each year I put the reindeer on display and it brings back all of my Marsha days.  Thanks for the great memories Marsha, and enjoy your retirement!”

Betsy Norvell, Pleasant Plains Teller Supervisor

“Marsha gets so involved in her work! One time we were leaving for an event at the school after work. Marsha couldn’t find her phone . . .  which is not unusual. We looked everywhere for it. I called it, we could hear it and followed the sound to her credenza, she started pulling all her loan books out. Low and behold, there in the middle of her book was her phone. We laughed so hard, and still laugh at that incident today.

“One day Marsha received a phone call from the post office, someone had left a pair of glasses there. Another post office patron said, ‘Call the bank, they are probably Marsha Shomidie’s glasses.’  Our customers have been working with Marsha for so long they know her well. In an unusual turn of event, they weren’t her glasses.

“Another day she was looking for her glasses all over the branch. When leaving for the night, she found them after she ran over them with her car.

“Our customers love to work with Marsha on loans, etc. She makes the process personal, and they enjoy her explaining the loan packs so they understand.

“I have enjoyed working with Marsha for the last 12 ½ years. She has made work fun to come to as you never know what will happen from day to day.  She is more than a manager; she’s also a friend. I will miss her making sure I spell everything correctly.”

Erin Birdsell, Relationship Banker 

“Marsha has not only been an incredible manager to me, but she has become a dear friend over the past two years. She has worked with me to make sure that I am 100% comfortable in my position here at INB. She patiently answered all my questions, even the odd ball ones. I am so grateful and honored to have had the privilege of working with her. I will keep everything she has taught me about banking and life close to my heart. She truly is an amazing woman, and I will miss her very much. Happy Retirement, Marsha!”

Valerie Woodrum, Vice President, Retail Operations and Process Improvement Manager

“Marsha is a great manager!  She has a love, passion, and commitment to take care of her customers, employees, and the bank.  Marsha is a self-learner and pushes herself to keep up with the never-ending changes involved with banking with grace and dignity.   Even nearing retirement, she works her hardest each and every day.  I have had the pleasure of spending time in Plains from time to time.  I always enjoy seeing her interact and the smile on her face when she is with her customers  . . . many of which are more than customers, they are friends and family to Marsha.

“Good Luck, Marsha! We will miss you!!!”

Dee Pedersen, VP, Branch Manager, Mt. Pulaski and Riverton 

“I didn’t have any “stories” to share, but Marsha has always been my sounding board, a mentor, very supportive and always upbeat and encouraging.  She has been a pleasure to work alongside.  I am so sad to see her go and will miss her, but I so incredibly happy for her and wish her the very best in retirement!”

Cayla Keyes, Branch Manager, Sixth Street Branch

“I can’t say enough good things about Marsha, and I can’t imagine what it will be like at work without her! She was my mentor. I jokingly called her my ‘work mom’. She was like a second mother to me. She taught me so much. Even though I came to INB with years of banking experience, she was the one who taught me the INB way. She taught me lending and, most importantly, how to be a good leader. She will be missed by many, but I am so happy to see her enjoy retirement and her family – she has definitely earned it.”

Darcy Marr, AVP, Branch Manager, Pleasant Plains Branch

“I have only known Marsha for a short time, but there are just not enough wonderful things I can say about her.  She is an amazing and kind spirit!  She cares so much about her employees, customers and community.  It is evident that she has touched so many people’s lives in such a special way.  I have learned so much from her and am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work with her.  People like Marsha don’t come along every day, and I am thankful to have gotten to know her and also gained a lifelong friend.  Enjoy your retirement Marsha!! We will miss you each and every day!!” 

Come Celebrate

Please join everyone at INB in wishing Marsha a happy retirement. We’ll celebrate at the Pleasant Plains Branch from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Aug. 30.