KatieHughes-tellerlineBack when my co-workers and I wrote profiles for employee service anniversaries, we laughed that each interview seemed liked the other. “They stayed ‘for the people and the benefits,’” we’d note to one another . . . and then have to figure out how to creatively work the same, seemingly tired statement into an allotted nine lines of copy per anniversary recognition.

That was 30 years and another industry ago. In retrospect, those interviews were something any company leader should have been proud to read.

When it comes to finding a good place to work, the people and the benefits can make all the difference. And though we don’t write service anniversary recognition stories for our INB employees, they happily share their stories about why INB is a great place to work. And each story touches on the familiar theme: the people and the benefits.

Chatham Teller Dorothy Davis-Beaman says it’s all about the people. And she came back to them last year after working somewhere else for a while. “I know several employees at the South 6th Street, Montvale and Chatham locations. But I wanted to return to Chatham, because of the staff there. These wonderful co–workers are always helpful to me, always showing great customer service, and I am pleased to be a part of an awesome bank — INB!”

Dee Jason, vice president and branch manager of both our Riverton and Mt. Pulaski locations, says this about her INB career: “I have been in the banking industry for over 20 years. In those 20 years I have worked at three financial institutions. I can honestly say without a doubt that INB is definitely my favorite. INB has been the most generous, offering a wide range of benefits that have great value for me and my family. INB is family oriented, including spouses and children in many events and celebrations. They are very good at recognizing and celebrating employees for their hard work and goals that have been achieved.”

Jason, NMLS # 662874, continues: “I feel that INB really cares about me, my success and my potential for future growth within the bank. INB likes to have fun by recognizing employee birthdates, participating in community events and allowing employees to volunteer their time outside of the bank. INB is a wonderful place to work . . . . INB feels like an extension of my family.”

Along those same lines, our Pleasant Plains Assistant Branch Manager, Cayla Keyes adds, “INB is an amazing organization that allows a true work-life balance while giving you every tool you need to be successful at whatever you do here.”

Would you be interested in being part of INB? We have a number of job openings, and we always look for people who are interested in working with great people and being rewarded with an extremely competitive benefits package. After all, it’s the people and the benefits that can make all the difference.