Katie HughesHave you smiled today? Oct. 7 is World Smile Day, so we asked our employees: “What makes you smile?” There seems to be a consistent theme in their answers.

Katie Hughes – Helping customers makes me smile

Linda Black – The people that I work with and the customers both make me smile.South branch staff

Kelsey Madonia – my customers make me smile.

Cayla Keyes – it’s the fun work environment and the idea that I get to help people every day with their finances. We get to see and help our customers through major milestones in their lives; marriages, moving because they bought their dream home; even new jobs. It is a very rewarding career!Fairmount 1

Fairmount staff – Watching the babies of our customers grow up, and seeing how excited they get when they are old enough to ask for lollipops.

Becky Beadle 1Becky Beadle – My customers and great co-workers make me smile.

Marsha Shomidie – The great team we have at the Pleasant Plains Branch and our awesome customers!Plains branch staff

Lacey Sorrill – Helping our customers receive the BEST banking and customer service possible!

Tammy Pratt – My co-workers!

Betsy Norvell – Exceptional teamwork with my fellow associates!

Mt. Pulaski branch staffDee Anderson – My employees make me smile! I have a great group of people!

Do you have a smile today? Read why you should always try to have a smile on your face.Jenni Snow