No doubt the COVID pandemic has shifted the way many businesses operate – and the way customers engage with those businesses!

Finding better ways to serve our customers through technology is always a focus at INB, and certain digital solutions were certainly a positive change that came out of the pandemic. One of those solutions we now use at INB is hybrid e-close.woman on couch with laptop

What does it mean to “e-close”? Basically, most of your loan documents are electronic, which you sign with your digital signature.

However, there are still a few physical documents that require your in-person signature, so that’s why it’s referred to as “hybrid.”

How E-Close Improves Loan Closings

While there was a big push for hybrid e-closing during the pandemic, it has so many more benefits than just minimizing the spread of infection:

  1. Faster: We’ve turned this manual, time-intensive process into an automated experience so you can close your loan much more quickly.
  2. More transparency: We have consistent communication throughout the entire process with real time status updates.
  3. More time: You have additional time to review and understand your closing documents, as well as ask your lender any questions that come up.
  4. Quality control: We can reduce physical documents and organize and maintain records more easily.
  5. More secure: We can eliminate mailed documents, scanning or photocopying documents, and storing hard copies.

Changes Easier to Manage, Too

When we use our e-closing solution, we’ve noticed a better overall closing experience with our clients. Not only is time saved from all parties, but any last-minute changes are also easier to manage – and we all know there are bound to be last-minute changes with a major loan!

Are you ready to purchase your home? Give us a call today and experience all the advantages of hybrid e-closing!