It’s been a year where INB’s mortgage team has been stretched thin as they’ve handled a huge demand for home loans. Loan officer Stacy Borho Wolak, NMLS #689948, recently took the time to thank Samantha Patrick for her work behind the scenes when someone was unexpectedly out of the office.  Over a weekend, Sam made sure Stacy’s customer files were up-to-date and ready for Monday morning. Stacy wrote:

“This is a WOW email.  I felt so cared for and taken care of and appreciated as a LO (loan officer).

“Sam is a HUGE asset to INB, she goes above and beyond the call of duty, she is kind and smart and always willing to help.

“She is definitely someone to always keep on our team and raise up for others to follow and use her as an example.”Photo of Samantha Patrick

Sam’s manager, Vice President, Mortgage Operations, Gregg Formigoni, explains Sam’s commitment this way: “Sam is always ‘there’ to make sure that things run smoothly, that we back each other up, and that our lenders and our customers are well served.”

Hard Work Rewarded

While Sam’s efforts were especially commendable over the last 12 months, she’s proven her dedication time and time again. Thanks to her hard work since joining the bank in 2004, Samantha was recently recognized by the INB Board of Directors with a promotion to AVP, Mortgage Operations.

Samantha was part of the team that transitioned from Riverton Community Bank to INB in 2004. “The change was great,” she said. “INB kept all the staff (from RCB), yet amped up the products. There were better perks and benefits. So customers saw the same people handling their finances, yet they got great new technology like online banking and debit cards.”

Five years and some promotions later, she took a position in mortgage operations. She says of her job, “I handle a lot of detail work that’s part of the mortgage loan process. It’s a lot of responsibility, but I feel good to be part of it. It’s a very rewarding job. Every single day, I help someone own a home.”

Team Works for Homebuyers

Samantha’s job is to oversee the mortgage loan once it leaves the loan officers’ hands. Her team handles the initial application, disclosures and terms of application. They gather documents then work with the lender, underwriter and other departments to see the mortgage application through to the end.

“The process does take quite a bit of time because of all the documentation required, but my team has a lot of experience, and we’re able to cut through the red tape and cut down on those waiting times for our customers,” Samantha shares.

Although you might never meet them face-to-face, our mortgage operations team at INB all work toward one common goal: to contribute to a positive borrower experience and get people into a new home.

“It’s a big, emotional purchase. People are nervous, trying to coordinate moves,” Sam says. “We come alongside them to make it easier. We’re not just doing purchase transactions – we’re helping people buy a home.