Pick Apple, Choose INB - feature artYour groceries are on the checkout counter and you reach for your wallet.  Only to discover it’s not in your purse or pocket.  Embarrassing!

Or you find the wallet, but sift through the cards several times looking for your INB debit card while trying to manage your kids and the groceries you need to bag.  You want to hide!!

CUT THESE SCENES FROM YOUR LIFE. Now you can pay with your phone via Apple Pay assigned to your INB debit card.

With Apple Pay, payments take place with a simple touch. You can use your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to pay for not only groceries, but that meal at the restaurant or that new pair of jeans in a very secure and private way.

You don’t even need to open an app to use Apple Pay . . . simply hold your device near the store’s reader with your finger on Touch ID. You can also use Apple Pay for payments within apps on your device – again, with a single touch. (Or if you don’t have Touch ID set up, you can enter a passcode on your iPhone.)

Apple Pay works by allowing Apple devices to communicate wirelessly using three things:
1) the Near Field Communication antenna
2) a dedicated chip that stores encrypted payment information (which is why it is secure and private)
3) Apple’s Touch ID and Passbook.

Your private information will stay private from the retailer. Once the transaction is approved, a receipt is recorded in the Passbook app so you can see what you’ve purchased.

Ready to reap the benefits of Apple Pay?

Simply load your INB debit card onto your account, which is completely free.

Follow these steps to set up Apple Pay with your INB debit card:
1. Go to Settings > Passbook & Apple Pay
2. Tap Add Credit or Debit Card.
3. Manually enter your credit or debit card information (or scan it with the camera).  You may be prompted to enter your AppleID before scanning or entering your debit card information.
4. Manually enter the card’s three-digit security code.
5. Wait for your bank to verify the card.  (This usually takes seconds.)
6. Accept the terms and conditions.

(Note: Apple Pay’s photo-detection only works with embossed numbers; if you have a credit or debit card with flat numbers, you need to enter it manually.)

If you have more than one card loaded onto your Apple Pay account, you can choose your INB debit card as your default card for payment. Launch the Settings app on your device, and select “Passbook & Apple Pay.” Select “Default Card” and then choose your INB debit card to be used as your default.

And if your phone gets lost or stolen, no worries – you can use the Find My iPhone feature to quickly stop any financial activity through your debit card. (You can take this action through your iCloud settings.)  Also, if someone tries to access your phone and is locked out due to security features, your PassBook cards are also deactivated.  Though you’ll have to reenter your cards to begin using your Apple Pay account, it’s good to know no one can easily walk away with your phone and access your accounts.

A shiny, new apple isn’t just for eating  . . . or talking or texting . . . anymore; it’s for paying. Give it a try.