4 Ways to Teach Kids to Save

6/28/2020 by Kelly Raison

When it comes to teaching your children about money management, earlier is better!

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Cybercriminals Working Harder During Coronavirus

6/26/2020 by Charlie Kerwin

How do you tell “fake” from “real”? When it comes to your digital life, there are ways to take charge. The first step is to be aware of potential cybercrimes; step two is to know how to react when you spot one.

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Care Center Staff Here to Help

6/25/2020 by Steve Miller

Like many businesses, INB likes to have other organizations do things that we’re not experts at. For example, we hire companies to maintain our web infrastructure, build and install our signage, and provide behind-the-scenes banking services.

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INB Joins United Way’s Virtual Day of Action

6/23/2020 by Kelley Himmelberg

Usually, INB staff would gather together to pitch in or clean up. But on this year’s United Way Day of Action, the “together” part was missing, due to coronavirus concerns. That didn’t stop us from helping, though.

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Save More By Turning Pocket Change from Junk to Real Savings

6/19/2020 by Marilyn TItone Schaefer

Okay, raise your hand if you take the coins out of your pocket at night and throw them in an old coffee can. Oh, you use a fish bowl instead? Raise your hand, too.

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