Meet Greg Floyd

Greg Floyd

Vice President, Deposit Compliance Services

Greg’s banking career started shortly after graduation from Illinois College in Jacksonville, Ill. He was hired as a teller at his hometown bank in Chapin, Ill.  Soon after, he started helping out in the computer room. He says, “I grew to love the many job duties associated with a small, community bank that did all of its own processing.”

Greg moved to Springfield in 1997 and took a job in bank operations with First of America, processing 18 state’s WIC (Women, Infants and Children) programs. He was promoted to lead managing clerk for the Ohio program, and stayed with the institution through the acquisitions of National City and, eventually, PNC Bank. 

“In 1999, I was part of the original team who began the second generation of Illinois National Bank,” says Greg, “starting the proof/transit department. I am now manager of the Deposit Operations team, and I still love the diversity of tasks a smaller institution offers and the opportunity to create new relationships with our customers.” Greg has also begun writing for the bank’s blog. 

Greg’s artistic outlet is satisfied by his involvement in area community theater. He says, “You may have seen me on the stage at the Springfield Muni, New Salem’s Theatre in the Park, Springfield Theatre Centre, or The Legacy Theatre. When I am not on stage or preparing to do so, I enjoy traveling, a bit of gardening, and singing in the church choir or The Capitol City Men’s Chorus.”