2024 is a big year for INB as we celebrate our 25-year anniversary.  We’re also celebrating our employees who commemorate significant service anniversaries.  The list includes Nathan Van Zele who has 20 years with the bank. A big group is clocking in five years: Amy Barnes, Mark Brockhouse, Denise Fertig. Chris Karrick, Rory Keylon, Darcy Marr, Caleb Parker, Tara Reese, and Jordyn Todd.

Get to know our INB employees with 2nd quarter 2024 service anniversaries. Those celebrating 25 years were recognized in another blog post. https://bit.ly/25YearINBstaff   

2nd Quarter Anniversaries

Nathan Van Zele, AVP, Digital Banking Manager

Favorite part about working at INB: The work environment. Even though INB is growing, we still work closely enough with each other to make personal connections. I enjoy everyone I work with daily and want to help make their day better. From the top down, I feel there is a genuine concern for employees and their families. That makes a big difference in how I feel about INB.

What's your favorite vacation destination? I enjoy a good beach vacation. Although the sun and I don’t get along for extended periods of time, it is relaxing just sitting on the beach and listening to the waves.

Amy Barnes, AVP, Wealth Strategies

Favorite part about working at INB: The strong emphasis on inclusivity and the value placed on fostering meaningful relationships with both our customers and employees.

What 3 things could you not live without? My family, my dogs, my faith

Favorite vacation destination: Aruba – my husband and I recently went for our 20th Wedding Anniversary (a year late) and we fell in love with the culture, the people, the scenery (the beaches & coast), the food, the beaches, and the climate.

Rory Keylon, Communications Coordinator

Favorite part about working at INB: I have too many to narrow it down to one so I’ll share several: it’s the company culture, how INB supports our local communities which is so important, the opportunities for growth and development which expand my skills and knowledge, and the supportive team environment which offers personal and professional fulfillment -- all make me very happy to be celebrating five years at INB.    

What 3 things could you not live without? My yard (I love to dig in the dirt and see my plants flourishing), amazing music that makes you wanna dance, and coffee

Darcy Marr, AVP, Branch Manager

Favorite part about working at INB: My favorite part about working for INB is the people!  Both customers and staff are like friends and family. Even though INB is a larger institution, we still have that small town touch that I love.

What is one thing that instantly makes your day better? Hugs from my kiddos…and coffee :)

Caleb Parker, Loan Servicing Specialist

Favorite part about working at INB: The relationships I have been able to build, not only with my teammates but with our customers as well. Loans facilitate people’s dreams, whether it’s homeownership, building a business or even digging yourself out of deeper debt. It’s awesome to be able to directly assist and talk customers through the process.

During Covid, the mortgage industry exploded, and our Loan Operations Team really had to band together to achieve the high level of service that is expected. I feel that the interpersonal relationships built with my team during that time are invaluable.

What's your favorite vacation destination? Anywhere with my wife and children! We love to travel, but if I had to pick a favorite it might be our recent road trip to the Northeast. We spent the first half in Boston enjoying the city then headed up North to Acadia National Park in Maine. The combination of historical, old Colonial America, Boston Red Sox, and the beautiful outdoors make it a hard one to beat.

Tara Reese, Mortgage Processing Manager

Favorite part about working at INB: Easily the people I work with. We are a fun group who works hard at helping people achieve homeownership.

My favorite holiday: Definitely Halloween! Halloween was my favorite holiday as a kid, and now I get to watch my own kids dress up and enjoy it!

Jordyn Todd, Mortgage Loan Processor 

Favorite part about working at INB: My coworkers. I have made some of the best friends working here.

What 3 things could you not live without? my camera, my dog, my mom