You work hard to keep your business operating smoothly. And we don’t want fraud to derail that.

Man hitting himself lightly on the head our of frustration

Fraudulent activity like unauthorized transactions, identity theft, and account takeovers can mean significant financial losses for both your business and the bank. At INB, we have customized solutions to keep your business up and running.

How prevalent is fraud? In 2021 alone, the United States’ Federal Trade Commission reported $5.8 billion lost to fraud, which was an astonishing 70% increase from the previous year. This impacted 2.8 million consumers.

At INB, we know that you trust us to safeguard your money and sensitive financial information. Our fraud protection measures help prevent unauthorized access to accounts and transactions, so your assets remain secure.

How? INB offers fraud protection solutions such as:

ACH Positive Pay protects your business against unauthorized transactions. With ACH Positive Pay, you can:

  • reduce losses from unauthorized ACH debits
  • have complete control over incoming transactions, including maximum amount per transaction or maximum daily total
  • eliminate the need to close any accounts

Positive Pay allows you to send a file of issued checks to INB so we can compare the account number, check number and dollar amount to the issue file. If any items don’t match, you can determine whether they’re authentic and decide whether to pay or return the item.

Not only that, but you also get an extra layer of protection: INB compares the payee field, which helps prevent chemically washed checks from clearing your account.

Check Block is an ideal solution if you don’t write checks. You can:

  • automatically block any checks from clearing your account
  • with no monitoring needed on your end

Card Management allows you to freeze your debit card. No need to worry about what might happen when your debit card is out of your hands.

If you think your INB debit card may be lost or stolen, you can:

  • turn your card off or on via digital banking with just a few clicks
  • eliminate the need to reissue a card that might simply be misplaced

Want more peace of mind? For more information about INB’s fraud protection, contact your Business Solutions officer or INB Treasury Services at 217-747-8636.