At INB Pleasant Plains, we joke that if we’re ever unsure of who a customer is, Betsy Norvell can definitely tell us… and can probably tell us their account number by heart, too!

Betsy Norvell

A longtime Plains resident, Betsy has always been very close to our customers and makes them feel like family. And as Betsy takes the next step of her career – retirement! – we all feel like we’re saying goodbye to an important member of the Plains INB family.

Betsy joined INB in 2007 after her first retirement from Bank of America, after working there for 25 years. She was drawn by the location and technology at the time.

“I initially came because it was close to home, and we had online banking, which I was used to doing with my prior employer,” she recalls.

At Home with Small-Town Banking

Betsy’s familiarity with the Plains community and her longtime banking experience has certainly made her a valuable asset to INB. She’s been involved with important community initiatives, including the annual Angel Tree hosted in the branch lobby each holiday season.

“I love small-town banking. My favorite part of my job was no stress; I love working with the customers and associates,” Betsy says.

Cayla Keyes, VP, Retail Sales Manager at INB, has worked with Betsy since she started in 2009 at the Plains Branch. She says Betsy brought a lot of knowledge to the branch and, as teller supervisor at the time, was truly the “rock that held the teller line together.”

“She is a ball of fire and so fun to be around,” Cayla shares. “Not only that, but she is also a great cook, and I always looked forward to her treats and dishes during a branch potluck. She will be truly missed, but I wish her the best in her retirement and know she will find all the joy in the world being able to travel to see her family.”

‘Leavin’ on a Jet Plane’

Betsy’s not hanging around Pleasant Plains for long… after she retires, she’ll be on a plane the next day!

“What I’m going to do is travel around; I have a grandson here and a granddaughter where we lived in Florida. I have several siblings and family members spread all over, so that is my plan!” she says.

We wish you the best in retirement, Betsy!