Generations of familyFull Disclosure: I’m a banker.  I’ve been in banking for almost 40 years. I know handling money can be a puzzle, but I also know bankers can provide valuable insight to someone needing help. With each stage of life bringing new reasons to reach out to someone who’s trained to talk money issues, I hope you’ll visit with someone on the INB team.

If you’re wondering what topics might benefit from a chat with a banker, well, here’s my list. While it’s not all-encompassing and your age or stage of life might not mesh up perfectly with any of these, this list is a good starting point.

Early Adulthood (Ages 18-25):

You’re an adult now! Money talks can be game changers on how your life unfolds.

  • Starting Bank Accounts: Get the lowdown on setting up a checking or savings account, a must for managing your cash.
  • Cracking Credit and Loans: Bankers have your back when you want to understand how credit works and get tips for dealing with student loans or credit cards.
  • Crafting a Budget: Creating a budget might sound boring, but a banker can recommend tools for getting it done.
  • Thinking Ahead: While retirement may seem like forever away, now is the time to start a Roth IRA or contribute to an employee retirement plan. Talk to a banker about the benefits of compounding growth and interest.


Young Professional (Ages 25-35):

Adulting continues, but now you have more cash to manage. Talk with a banker and learn the best tricks to secure yourself financially now and in the future.

  • Home Sweet Home: If buying a home is on your radar, a banker's wisdom on mortgages is gold. INB even offers a high-interest savings account especially for people hoping to buy a home.
  • Wealth Accumulation:  A banker can help you understand the features and benefits of Health Savings Accounts, money markets, and other saving vehicles to make your money work as hard as you are.
  • HSAs: Speaking of HSAs, do you realize if you have a high-deductible medical plan through your employer, you can open an HSA at any bank?
  • Tackling Debt: Crushing debt? A banker's got tricks to manage credit card chaos and student loans without losing your cool.

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Starting a Family (Ages 30-40):

As your crew grows, so do money matters. Time to have a chat with a banker.

  • Education Savings: College can be expensive, so it’s best to start when your children are young; a banker can help you understand the various college savings options.
  • Financial Planning: Protect your family's future with a financial plan. A banker can introduce you to the INB Wealth team, representing Osaic Institutions’ investment and insurance products, who can advise you on insurance, retirement, investments, and tax strategies to prepare for the future or the unexpected.Osaic disclosure

Home equity and savings are a big part of starting a family

  • Cashing in on Home Equity: Renovations or big dreams? Let’s look at your home equity to see if you should use it to pay for updates and remodeling.
  • When You Have a Financial Emergency: We hope this isn’t you, but life has a way of going unexpected ways. Talk to us now, and we can help you prepare for any emergency.

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Mid-Career (Ages 40-50):

Career's humming along, but what about your money? Time for a chat.

  • Retirement Remix: Retirement's peeking around the corner. An INB banker can direct you to our Wealth Division – made up of financial professionals representing Osaic investment and insurance products – that can help you fine-tune plans and boost savings.
  • Estate Explored: Planning to leave a legacy? A financial professional with Osaic Institutions can guide you in crafting your estate plan.
  • Changing Careers? Don’t leave your retirement accounts behind or forget to update your benefits and tax withholding.  A financial professional with Osaic Institutions can walk you through the things you should consider. Osaic disclosure

Pre-Retirement* (Ages 50-60):

Retirement is on the horizon, but money chats with a banker are as relevant as ever.

  • Fine-Tune Retirement Plans: Get savvy on retirement strategies and solutions available to you as you edge closer to retirement.
  • Social Security and Medicare Made Simple: A banker can help you with a stress-free retirement transition.
  • Income Stream Strategy: Planning retirement income? A banker can ensure your work with a professional who can help give this guidance.

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Retirement* (Ages 60+):

You're retired, but you're not done chatting with a banker.  Bankers have money wisdom that will help assure smooth sailing. They’ll refer you to the retirement experts who can help you with:

  • Retirement Fund Distribution: Make sure there aren’t any delays in getting paid, a banker can help make sure your distributions get routed to the right place to prevent delays in cash availability.
  • Legacy Planning: We’ll work with you to craft a solid estate plan to ensure your plans are carried out how you want them.
  • Long-Term Care: As you age, healthcare costs could rise. Consult with a banker to make sure you have enough money set aside to cover unexpected care expenses.

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At every twist and turn in life, talking to a banker can be a brilliant move. Whether you're starting out or settling into retirement, a banker's wisdom can help you navigate money ups and downs. Don't hesitate to reach out to any of our staff. Money is our job! We’d be happy to share what we know.