When getting animals adopted by caring families is your goal, you need a way to transport those animals. But sorting dozens of pet carriers and cleaning out vans is quite the undertaking.

Enter INB! 

A big group of INB employees showed up to the Animal Protective League recently for the annual United Way Day of Action to tackle several projects. Participating staff included Aimee Craft, Daniel Onuoha, Megan McDermott, Karah Gehrken, Cammy Murfin, Samantha Bradley, Jenni Snow, Megan Pruitt and Lindsay Van Zele. 

“This was my first-time volunteering with United Way,” says Karah, deposit operations specialist at INB. “I signed up with a close coworker, and when we found out we would be volunteering at the APL, we were super excited because we both have a passion for animals, especially dogs.”

Tackling Animal Care Challenges

The team separated into smaller groups to focus on three areas of need:

  • Cleaning out transportation vans, which included scrubbing the van floors with soap and water, rinsing and sanitizing.
  • Washing and scrubbing donated pet carriers, rinsing and sanitizing for future use.
  • Re-organizing pet carriers in the large shed, as well as sweeping and cleaning the shed floor.

INB was glad to lend a hand to support the valuable mission of APL.

The agency accepts all donated pet equipment because they don’t want to turn people away. But, often, the donated items need to be cleaned. So, the donations sit in a storage garage until someone has time to go through each piece of equipment and make sure it’s safe and clean for the animals. The INB team’s job was to make sure the equipment is ready for new animals coming in. They also cleaned out the organization’s vans.

And it wasn’t all work and no play. INB got some animal time in too!

“After finishing the projects, we got the chance to meet some of the dogs. We did take a couple out to walk and play in their enclosed play area,” says Lindsay Van Zele.

APL dog

INB's Ongoing Support for United Way Day of Action

INB has participated in United Way’s Day of Action since it was conceived in 2010.

Past projects have included:

  • Stocking shelves and unloading trucks full of donated furniture at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Springfield
  • Painting no parking zone lines and curbs at Concordia Village in Springfield
  • Cleaning up landscaping and spreading mulch at the Enos Sculpture Park in Springfield
  • Preparing and serving dinner at St. John’s Breadline along with cleaning up
  • Assisting with booths, games, and crafts at the state-wide Girl Scouts of Illinois convention 

Working at the APL this year was a big hit with our group of volunteers.

“My favorite part was walking and playing with the dogs,” Karah says. “Everyone was super friendly, and I felt comfortable. I would love to have the opportunity to do this again one day!”