Lakisha McAfee's life took a poignant turn when she tragically lost her daughter, Precious, at age 27.

Lakisha McAfee

Precious took herself to the hospital in January 2021. Lakisha worried about COVID as she drifted off to sleep that night. When she woke up, she had 10 messages from the hospital. She returned a call to learn, “Your daughter has cancer.”

By November, Lakisha quit her job to take care of Precious and her four young children. She died on Christmas Day. Before her death, Lakisha promised her daughter to care for her children and provide them with the stability and love they deserved. At the time, Lakisha lived in an apartment that just wouldn’t work with her grandkids. She needed a house.

The Power of a Supportive Professional

Amidst the challenges of a new life as a stay-at-home grandma, Lakisha's path crossed with Stacy Wolak, a mortgage professional at INB. With over two decades in mortgage lending, Stacy's approach stood out – she wasn't just about numbers, but about people. This made all the difference for Lakisha, as Stacy's guidance and understanding provided a lifeline during a crucial time.

Stacy's approach was pragmatic and insightful. She understands that every client's situation is unique and deserving of individual attention. For Lakisha, Stacy went beyond the paperwork and transactions; she served as a coach, guiding Lakisha through the nuances of buying a home. With Stacy's support, Lakisha was able to navigate the mortgage process.

Lakisha's journey towards homeownership was a testament to her resilience. Despite hurdles and doubts, she knew her grandchildren needed a home. Her partnership with Stacy not only resulted in a mortgage, but in a newfound confidence as they tackled each obstacle, transforming apprehension into empowerment.

INB's Commitment to Personal Connection

Stacy's commitment extended beyond the confines of a transaction. She became a support person, proving that genuine human connection is at the heart of INB's philosophy. For Lakisha, this meant having someone by her side who genuinely cared about her both before and after the loan closed.

Lakisha McAfee's journey from loss to empowerment is a story of strength and unity. With her own determination and Stacy's guidance, she was able to provide a stable home for her grandchildren, honoring the promise she made to her late daughter.

Lakisha's journey stands as a tribute to the strength of the human spirit, and the difference a supportive professional can make. It's a reminder that even in the face of adversity, with the right determination, and guidance, we can overcome even the biggest of obstacles.