Jenni Snow likes to save her money. So when she started thinking about buying a home for the first time in 2016, she was stressed about the purchase price.

Jenni and her daughter in the driveway

“Knowing that I was going to have to spend a large amount of money was a huge struggle, especially since it was so much of my money going to just one item,” Jenni shares. 

Working with INB for her mortgage loan made it a lot easier, though. She was confident she was being taken care of and able to understand the whole process, thanks to her mortgage lender Todd Weir.

“He was very helpful in answering my questions and making sure that I was on the same page as him the entire time,” says Jenni, who is AVP, Human Resources at INB.

One of the most convenient parts of the process was being able to use DocuSign. Anyone who’s gotten a mortgage loan before knows how much paperwork there is to read and sign. INB now uses an electronic signature platform called DocuSign to save time and effort for our customers.

“With DocuSign, I could upload all my documents that I needed to sign. It made everything really smooth – I didn’t have to track down my mortgage officer or processors to be able to turn those documents in,” Jenni explains.

Jenni took advantage of a First Time Homebuyers Grant to assist with the large purchase. To receive the full gift of the grant, you need to stay in the house for a set amount of years and then you don’t have to pay anything back. 

“It helped with my down payment so I didn’t have to fork up more money to go towards that,” she says.

Overall, Jenni learned a lot and feels like her homebuying process was a positive one. 

“I heard you get this feeling of true ownership as soon as you sign those final papers; that definitely was the feeling I had!” she shares.

Over the last seven years, she’s been able to make updates to make it her own. She renovated the kitchen and bathrooms before she moved it and continues to do small projects here and there.

“I’ve learned the projects never end – you’re always doing something next and making it into your own style,” Jenni says. “If I don’t like something about my house, I can just change it into something else. I have so much pride in my home. Being a first-time homebuyer is a great feeling.”