Everyday is a celebration when you get the opportunity to work with our amazing staff. Special kudos to those celebrating 2nd quarter 2023 service anniversaries.

second quarter service anniversary recipients

Rose Schlenther, AVP, Remittance Center; and Caeri Chiaro, VP, Senior Compliance Manager, are ringing in 20 years at INB.

Commemorating 15 years of service this quarter include Diane Kindred, Senior Teller at Mt. Pulaski, and Heather McArty, VP/Branch Manager at Fairmount.

Melodey Charles, Loan Servicing Specialist, has clocked in 10 years of service.

Employees celebrating 5 years are Nick Newton, Portfolio Manager & CRA Officer, and Lois Schwarz, Mortgage Processor.

Get to know our staff celebrating 2023 2nd quarter anniversaries…

Caeri Chiaro

Favorite part about working at INB: My favorite part of my job is the people I work with and the ability to collaborate with them to make ideas work.

Favorite movie: My all-time favorite movie is “The Princess Bride” because there really isn’t a thing that’s missing from that movie.

Rose Schlenther

Favorite part about working at INB: How everyone works together as a team.

Favorite vacation destination: Out west in the mountains.

Diane Kindred

Favorite part about working at INB: The employees. I have made some really good friends here.

What is one thing that instantly makes your day better? My 4 grandkids

Heather McArty

Favorite part about working at INB: My favorite part about working for INB is the friendly team atmosphere. Everyone works together really well, and employees treat each other kindly and with respect.

Favorite book: As an avid reader, I typically read 2-3 books a month. My husband is actually in the process of building me my dream library right now! Heaven’s Is for Real is my favorite book -- it’s one of the few books that I have reread and have purchased to gift to others. 

What's one item on your bucket list? I have been lucky to cross so many things off my list, but I look forward to Skydiving - which I am doing in June.

Melodey Charles

Favorite part about working at INB: My favorite part about working at INB is the people I work with. I’m fortunate to work in a department where everyone is hard-working and supportive. While each of us have individual roles, we work together when needed to help each other complete their tasks. 

Favorite holiday: Christmas is without a doubt my favorite holiday. I love everything about it: the music, decorations, wrapping gifts, and the old holiday movies, but the best part is that it’s a time for family and friends to come together!

Nick Newton

Favorite part about working at INB: I think there are two things that I really enjoy about my job: 1. The amount of people I get to work and collaborate with (not only within my own department, but across other departments in INB) is a lot of fun and always offers new learning opportunities. 2. Finding a new Excel formula/trick that makes my day-to-day work 10x easier.

What is one thing that instantly makes your day better? My day immediately gets better when I step into my house and my 18-month-old daughter comes running up to me smiling and wanting a hug. I have to enjoy it now because from what I’ve heard their attitude towards parents changes around the 156-month mark.