So you want a new bank with stability and community values? We get it. We’re a true community bank who will stay by your side for the long run.

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Know, too, you have a choice about where you bank. Maybe you’re feeling torn between the uncertainty of your banking situation, but also overwhelmed with the hassle of switching banks.

Don’t be! INB has always been committed to making banking easier, and that includes helping you to transfer all of your finances to INB.

Easy to Switch

It may sound daunting to switch, but here’s the reality: there are just a few key steps involved, and we walk you through them. You hardly have to lift a finger.

1. Bring in your current bank statements so we can see your current payments. We identify any automatic payments, such as a direct deposit from your employer, and we can help you get these transferred to your new account at INB.

2. Through our banking system, we are also able to submit an account change on your behalf for incoming payments like disability or social security, so there’s no additional work or time on your end to make those changes.

We’ll even reach out to your current financial institution on your behalf to close your accounts there, so you can avoid any awkwardness from that situation.

3. Lastly, as we process your new account, we make sure that some funds are left in your former account to cover any outstanding bills that haven’t been processed yet.

Stop in or make an appointment with one of our bankers who has guided new customers through this process many times over the years. Our experienced staff will help make your transfer to INB more convenient and less stressful, giving you the peace of mind you need to start your financial journey with INB!

If you prefer, you can even open your account on-line on your own.  Of course, we’re just a phone call away if you have questions.

Easy to Bank

With 12 full-service branches throughout Central Illinois and offices that operate in Illinois, Missouri and Florida, INB is committed to each of our communities.

Not only are our bank branches easily accessible throughout the region, but we are also part of the Money Pass network, which allows you to use more than 25,000 ATMs all over the country with no surcharge.

INB staff and customers build close relationships because we focus on what’s most important: customer service and community involvement. INB’s high-level security and technology are unmatched in the banking industry. And through our constant customer communication, INB blog and social media activity, we keep our customers informed about banking news, community news, and more.

If the thought of changing banks sends you into a panic, we’ve got you covered. We know what you want in a community bank, and we can make the switch easily. 

Welcome to INB!