The COVID-19 quarantine helped Natalie Cain find her way to INB.

Natalie Cain

After leaving her position at another bank and then helping her two sons with remote learning, she was ready for a change.

“I loved spending more time with my boys, but I also missed adult conversations!” she laughs.

Natalie began at INB in December 2020, and thanks to her diligence and efforts, she has earned a promotion to Branch Manager at INB’s branch on South 6th Street.

Natalie began her career in banking in 2006 as a teller for another bank. Over her tenure there, she took on positions as vault teller, teller supervisor, banker, assistant branch manager and interim branch manager.

Move to Operations Side of Banking

When a former coworker informed Natalie about an open position at INB, she took on the role of Quality Control Specialist, where she reviewed all newly opened accounts, performance maintenance on accounts, and more.

“I learned a lot about our operations and got to know multiple employees,” she says. “Being in the back office was different for me as I had spent my prior banking career in a branch. I learned to appreciate the laidback feel of the back office.”

Rediscovering One-on-One with Customers 

But Natalie found she missed the customer interaction, and she’s thrilled to be in a customer-facing position again.

“The favorite part of my job now is the customer service. I’ve always been a people person, so building and maintaining relationships has always come easy to me,” she says. “I also love the sales and the satisfaction of being able to help my customers. From helping them consolidate debts, starting their first accounts, or giving financial advice. I enjoy it all.”

Family relationships are also important to Natalie, who loves making family memories with her husband and sons. While Natalie jokes that her family hibernates in the winter months, she enjoys outdoor activities in the warm weather.

“When the weather is nice, I enjoy throwing bags with my husband and friends, going for walks with my boys and French bulldog Zeek, or taking them to the pool,” she says. “Our favorite family vacation has been to Florida. My boys love to swim and I love the beach and sun.”

For now, Natalie is “very excited” about her promotion and new role at the 6th St. branch, where she looks forward to helping INB customers who come through her doors. 

“INB is a good fit for me because their focus is customer service, and I love that. We put customers first, which is very important to me,” she says. “My staff has been a blessing and a huge help in my transition to branch life. I’m really looking forward to establishing and building relationships with my customers, as well as helping my staff grow and develop.”