Kari Saling has been working in INB’s Commercial Lending Department for so long, it feels like home to her.

Kari Saling

And because she’s so comfortable in her home away from home, she is easily able to help coworkers and answer their questions – which is the part of her job she enjoys most!

Due to Kari’s diligence and collaboration with her team, she was recently promoted to Officer of Loan Administration.  

“INB is a good fit for me because of the people I work with and the overall vibe in commercial lending,” Kari says. “We all work well together and have a good support system going.”

Kari first started at INB in 2005 and has held multiple positions in the Commercial Department over the years. Missy Elam, Kari’s supervisor, points to Kari’s dedication and willingness to “step up” when needed.

“She knows the workflow for everything in this department – from construction draws to booking loans. She handles any task given to her, and she has really taken initiative to help the other processors with their questions and helps them solve their problems,” Missy says.

And as INB has expanded into new markets like St. Louis, Kari has taken on additional responsibilities. She also trains new employees on various loan procedures.

Being supportive comes naturally to Kari, who also finds herself a supporter and cheerleader in her off hours. Her two sons, ages 15 and 11, play competitive baseball and basketball; they can always find Kari on the sidelines.

“My week nights and weekends are spent at the park or the court (just ask my co-workers!) Summers are spent traveling from tournament to tournament, but I love spending time with our sports family,” she says.

Kari also finds relaxation in her morning and evening walks with her two-year-old dog, Bodhi. She also enjoys a good rerun of Friends or reality TV shows. And when the family can get away, Kari is always up for warm weather and a beach somewhere!

For now, Kari is looking forward to the enhanced responsibilities of her new position at INB.

“I am very excited about my promotion; I am happy they recognized my skills and work ethic, and I look forward to learning new things in my new role,” she says.