If Missy Elam had a superpower, she’d choose to be able to snap her fingers and be right at work. Living out in the country, a one-way drive to INB takes her 45 minutes.

Missy Elam

“I’m not sure what you’d call that power, but it would cut down on travel time for me!” she laughs.

The long drive is well worth getting to a job that fulfills her, though. Missy has found INB to be a great fit for her skills and personality, and she looks forward to showing up each day – despite the time needed to drive to the office.

“INB has allowed me to grow as a person and use my skills to further my goals both as an employee and person,” she says.

Since joining INB in 2011, Missy has always been willing to take on what needs to be done. Thanks to her drive and dedication, INB recently promoted her to vice president.

Always supporting her team

Missy has worked in Commercial Lending for 25 years, with the past 10 years spent at INB. When she first started, her role primarily consisted of typing loan documentation and helping in portfolio management.

As the INB Commercial Lending department grew, Missy stepped into the role of assistant vice president and began training new employees to take on some of her previous responsibilities. She also assisted lenders with financial and loan exceptions and helped with audits.

“I love helping other employees further their knowledge in this environment and helping them reach their goals,” Missy says. “I have a great group of employees who help each other and are always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.  We all work hard but still take time to enjoy the friendships we have formed here.”

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Missy is always up for a challenge – and commercial lending definitely provides that at times! Banking also offers her a chance to experience something new every day.

“There is always something new to learn, and I like that every day is different,” she says. “I am happy that John Wilson (chief lender/executive vice president) and INB believe in my skills and have given me the opportunity to move forward as vice president.”

Some Fun Stuff:

Missy loves to read… “I am currently reading Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks.” 

She doesn’t drink coffee… “but my pick-me-up every morning is Diet Mountain Dew.”

Favorite Cocktails: “Pina Colada or Strawberry Margarita but wine is always on hand at home!”

The 80s were a good time for movies! “Some of my favorite movies are Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club and 16 Candles.”

Missy and her husband enjoy beach vacations. “We were married in Mexico, so that is always a favorite spot. This year we are going to Gulf Shores.”