It’s been said that sports build character. When it comes to the sport of a golf outing, individual “character” definitely shines when our teams hit the links.

GolfersRecently, four employees of INB’s mortgage department took part in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Golf Fore Kids’ Sake. Samantha Patrick, AVP, mortgage operations, says she really enjoyed spending an afternoon out of the office with the people she works with. “To get together in person and take the stress of work out of the equation for an afternoon allows us to really connect on a human level and enjoy one another’s company, which is beyond a necessity for a strong team.”

Disclosure Desk Coordinator Jordyn Todd, the newest member of the mortgage team in the foursome, says the outing helped her discover that her colleagues are willing to coach even away from the office. “While they’re the first to help educate and lead anyone at work, they also were the first to help teach me a few things on the golf course. Whether we are at work or on the course, they are excited to help guide and educate, and make things fun while doing so.”  

While Jordyn typically golfs once a year, her putt on the first hole was the talk of the day.  She explains: “I just hit it from about 15 feet out. It was one of the only good putts I made all day, so I made everyone talk about it all day long.”

Jordyn and Samantha work in our downtown Springfield operations center. Todd Weir and Corey Kates, the rest of the golf foursome, are mortgage lenders who rely on the operations team to do things like finalize mortgage loans for closings. Todd says an afternoon on the golf course is a good way to establish friendships with the people you work with but don’t see face-to-face very often.  He says the friendships translate to good working relationships and better service for our customers.

Of the Golf Fore Kids’ Sake, Todd adds: “It was a great day, weather wise and company wise; we had a great time.”

Cory Kates NMLS # 1652367

Todd Weir NMLS # 502389