When Gina Diel started with INB in June 1999, she was the only staff member in her department.

She’s essentially remained in the same job and same department, but now she’s one of many!Gina Diel

Despite a bigger team to carry the duties now, she’s certainly going to be missed when she retires at the end of July. 

Gina has spent more than 40 years in banking – where she’s seen huge transitions take place, especially with technology.

“Banking as I knew it when I first started was the ‘ice age’ compared to today,” she laughs. “It’s become less departmentalized, and more individuals are able to do what only certain departments were trusted to do. Much less paper and more electronic transfer of information has been a big (and welcome) change.”

Changing Duties but Consistent Culture

Now VP of commercial loan administration, Gina actually knew most of the INB team already when she started here 22 years ago, as she had worked with many of the original employees at First of America Bank.

“I felt they were genuinely happy that I chose to be a part of the new INB team. When you feel appreciated, it makes a big difference” she says.

What’s kept her at INB all these years?

“The culture here at INB is family,” Gina explains. “People care about each other, along with caring about doing a great job. They help each other out without hesitation. Job duties evolve with the changing times, but the family aspect has remained constant.”

Working in the commercial lending department has given her a lot of variety to her days that she enjoys. Being in banking for so long has also enabled Gina to share expertise and answer questions for her fellow employees. “I have seen many different scenarios over the years!” she says.

Ready to Relax

But after 42 years in the workforce, Gina is excited about the new season of life ahead.

“I’m looking forward to having some free time, time to travel a little, complete the many projects I have at home and basically do whatever comes to mind on a given day,” she says. “I’m looking forward to what will feel like weeks consisting of 6 Saturdays and 1 Sunday.”

Gina knows INB will continue to thrive, and she’s grateful for her experience and career in downtown Springfield.

“In the past 22 years, INB has grown and changed quite a lot with overall growth, expansion of facilities, moving into new markets, regulatory changes, but their core values remain constant: providing quality services and products to our customers is and always has been a top priority,” Gina shares.

Congratulations on your retirement, Gina!