While Cayla Keyes is known as a bank leader to employees, she shines in her ability to work with customers, understand their individual challenges, and put them on the road to a better financial life. These traits, combined with her community work and commitment to her family, earned Cayla the Springfield Business Journal’s recognition as one of Forty Under 40.

Cayla  KeyesCayla, a vice president and South Sixth St. branch manager for INB, joined INB in 2009 and completed her business management degree while working full time as a bank officer and raising her family.  She still had time to be the school’s business club president and graduate summa cum laude.  In 2015, she participated in Leadership Springfield to gain a better understanding of the community; at the same time, she ran for a school board position and won.  

She had to run for election again in 2020 because she had moved and would now represent a different geographic area.  But she was passionate about serving her kids in this way, so she ran and was re-elected. 

Cayla is also enrolled in the Graduate School of Banking at University of Wisconsin-Madison and is expected to graduate in August 2022. 

As a branch manager, she’s helped her employees prepare for career advancement with the bank, mentoring several to promotions within the bank.  She is a self-starter, and when she sees that someone needs to do something… she goes into action to do it!  She has brought sales training to all INB branch staff. She is constantly challenging herself and all around her to keep learning and improving.  INB President and CEO Sarah Phalen says, “She keeps all of us focused on what the future holds for banking and has helped develop objectives and strategies to accomplish this vision.”

You can see more about Cayla in the Springfield Business Journal.