Marlee Bergae had no intentions of staying in Illinois after graduating from the University of Alabama. But she applied to INB because she “had always been curious about banking.” 

“Something about the interview process made me feel like I was ‘home.’ I knew after that this was a place I wanted to be a part of,” she says. “INB was an unexpected fit for me.”

That was in 2017, and Marlee demonstrated her ability to learn quickly, working her way up from teller to senior teller and then relationship banker. 

In 2019 Marlee transferred to the Loan Servicing team and landed a “lead” position after a few months. Today, she exhibits a strong understanding of banking and has been successful in leading other team members to perform efficiently and effectively.Marlee Bbergae

Mostly recently, Marlee’s support for everyone in her department and high level of dedication to the bank earned her a promotion to Loan Operations Officer.

No Matter the Position, It’s About Helping Others

At INB, Marlee most enjoys constantly learning and collaborating with her team.

“I’ve had many great mentors in my time here who have pushed me to continue to learn. I am incredibly grateful for all they have done and continue to do,” she says. “If you are hungry for a challenge or knowledge, you don’t have to look far to expand your horizon.”

She worried when she moved from retail to loans that she would miss serving customers. But she soon realized that not only does she get to continue helping customers, but now she also helps her INB coworkers.

“The best part of my job is solving a tough problem and being able to help someone; it feels good to be there for others,” Marlee says.

This past year of the COVID pandemic has pushed Marlee to adapt and reflect on how she operates, but overall she believes that those challenges have helped her become a better person.

“I truly enjoy the work I do and the opportunities I’ve been given. Grateful and honored don’t even begin to express my appreciation,” she says.

“The promotion was a happy surprise in the crazy time we are living in. I look forward to getting to teach more as a team lead. The reason I went into the field of psychology was because I wanted to be a counselor; I never thought I would be able to use those types of skills while working at a bank. I can’t wait to see what else time will bring!”