David Long found his calling in a place he never imagined.

“Fifteen years ago, I was hanging drywall and never thought I'd have a job like I do with INB now. Life is full of surprises!” he says. “I'm happiest in this role because of working with numbers. I have a natural talent with numbers – much more so than words – so working in a bank is a good fit for me.”

David, now Lead Data Control Clerk, is celebrating five years of service at INB during first quarter 2021, along with Stacy Borho Wolak, AVP, Mortgage Lending; Kelly Dill, Remittance Processor; Tina Brooks, Computer Operator; Molly Siebert, Branch Operations Supervisor; and Abbie Patterson, Branch Operations Supervisor.

Celebrating 15 years is Jami Stubbs, Deposit Operations Lead. Brett Tiemann, EVP & CFO, commemorates 20 years of service at INB.

Service anniversary photographs

Relationships That Last

“I feel that some of the relationships I've made have become friends outside of work,” Tina says. “My coworkers have made me more adaptable to growth and progress; I’ve been able to learn new things that don’t go along with my original position.”

And not only are employees able to get to know each other, but they also create long-lasting relationships with clients. Being able to make personal connections builds an essence of trust between INB employees and their customers. 

“I’ve worked with a lot of the same customers and have really been able to build significant relationships with them,” Abbie says. “When you work with people’s money, they trust you and tell you about their lives – when they get married, buy a house, have babies and grandchildren. You get to help them through all the financial decisions that come along with those milestones.”

With remote banking on the rise, many customers have questions they want addressed by someone they trust. Jami has been working with customers on their remote deposit capture (RDC), allowing them to complete banking tasks from the comfort of their own office.

“I take pleasure in getting to know our business customers and helping them with their RDC banking needs. It brings me joy to go into a customer’s office and set up their check scanners and get the reactions to how fast they can make their deposits without leaving the office. That’s why I love what I do,” Jami says.

Encouraging Culture

For the last five years, Molly has formed friendships with fellow coworkers that make the atmosphere of INB very special.

“I love the relationship that I have developed with my staff and coworkers. We are not just coworkers, but we are also friends,” she says.

Stacy was drawn to INB’s culture by the leadership.

“Few things got me more excited about INB when I made the move than having a female president – a woman who started as a teller and worked her way up through the bank, learning many of the different jobs, responsibilities and work flows,” Stacy says. “I could go on and on about the amazing people at INB.”

Stacy has also been impressed by INB’s community involvement, from CEO/President Sarah Phalen partnering with Stacy on a local podcast to INB sponsoring some of the charity events Stacy is involved with.

A Support System

Time after time, INB shows how much they care about their employees.

Abbie shares that in February 2020, her daughter Rhyan was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. INB, wanting to show their support for Rhyan, helped raise awareness for Rett Syndrome Awareness Month.

“I reached out to HR to see about sending an email to bank employees sharing Rhyan’s story,” Abbie recalls. “In true INB fashion, our Marketing team put together an entire blog post for her and shared her story with our customers, too. It’s something I’ll never forget and solidified for me that I had made the right decision in choosing INB as the place to build my career. INB cares about their employees, and it means a lot.”

Technology Has Changed, Service Hasn’t

Even though a lot has changed in how products and services have been delivered over the years, one thing has remained a constant: INB’s vision of “Making Banking Easy.”

This vision has been made possible over the years due to a diligent, caring team.

“We have outstanding employees who love what they do and are focused on serving customers,” Brett says. “I work with people who are just as passionate now about INB as they were 20 years ago. We are focused on customer, family and community, and driven to make banking consistently easier.”