Many people have different financial needs and goals when it comes to their futures. 

However, “financial security means different things to different people,” says Amy Barnes, AVP, Wealth at INB.

Amy didn’t have a strong financial foundation as a young adult, and she learned from experience as a young, single mother that it can be hard to make ends meet on a limited income.

“I wish I had someone to teach me budgeting and saving strategies, or to at least arm me with the information I needed to be successful when it came to managing my money. Unfortunately, I had to learn a lot of this on my own and over time” she shares.

“We’re not all armed with a strong financial education…maybe you weren’t exposed to good money habits when you were young, or you experienced a significant financial hardship you weren’t prepared for. Maybe you simply made some bad decisions, or just don’t know where to start or what the next step is. I think everyone could use some guidance from time to time, especially when it comes to their money.”

That’s why Amy decided to become a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach in 2020. 

File folders with debt and savings

“When COVID hit, we knew people would need help navigating difficult financial decisions. It was a scary time,” Amy recalls. “I have a strong faith, so I put it in God’s hands and prayed one night for God to show me where he needed me at a time of so much uncertainty. I woke up the next morning to an email from Dave Ramsey’s team inviting me to participate in the Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Training.”

Becoming a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach

Dave Ramsey is a financial expert and talk show host who provides a “proven plan for financial success.” His aim is to help others get out of debt, prepare for emergencies, build their wealth, and give generously. Ramsey has become known for his 7 Baby Steps to pay off debt and grow wealth, which is part of his overall Financial Peace University program. 

“He struggled financially when he was a young adult, and now he takes what he learned to teach others about managing money. His methodology includes taking care of your four walls: paying off debt, not accumulating more debt, giving back to help others and building wealth,” Amy shares. 

To become a Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach (RPC), Amy went through Financial Coach Master Training with Ramsey Solutions. The program offers a deep dive on how to help coach people through crucial financial topics including budgeting, preparing for emergencies, managing debt, paying your home off early, saving for college, and more. Amy also had to interview with Ramsey’s team to ensure it was the right fit.

“As a financial coach, we sit down and help walk you through how to make every dollar work for you,” Amy says.

Schedule an appointment today and call Amy at 217-679-1676.

INB’s tax accountant, Chris Parks, is also a local Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider for taxes. So when you partner with INB Wealth and want to achieve Financial Peace following the methodology taught by Dave Ramsey and his Financial Coaching Team, you can be assured you have support from our team at INB.

Partnering with INB Wealth

Building wealth occurs over lifetime. At INB Wealth, we aim to teach our communities and clients how to put your money to work for you at the earliest possible time.

And that goes far beyond one meeting. INB’s Wealth team will help support you in achieving financial freedom with guidance throughout each season of life. “We are all in different seasons – maybe you are starting a family, have lost a job, have too much debt, or are struggling with the financial impact of losing a loved one. We want to help our clients put strategies in place to get them through whatever it is they are dealing with,” Amy says.

“Being a Dave Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach means I get to work with all people at INB, and in the last year, it’s been beneficial to offer financial coaching to so many customers who have been impacted by the pandemic.”