One thing the pandemic has taught us is technology matters.  Without it, work, school and much of our interactions with the outside world would be impossible.

Over the years, INB has invested in technology to help assure you can bank on your terms. And thanks to the digital banking platform that so many customers use to check their balances and deposit checks, you can change your pin, turn your debit card off and on, get alerts when your card is used, and manage your card limit.Barnaby with a debit card

The first step to using these features is to tie your debit card to your digital account. Follow these steps:

  • Select “Manage Cards” in your digital account.
  • Click on “Submit a Form.”
  • Choose “Add Debit Card to Profile” form from list.
  • Next, type in the last 6 digits of the card and name on the card.
  • Click “Submit.”

If you need to add another debit card, for example, your spouse, follow these steps:

  • Click on “Submit a Form.”
  • Choose “Add Debit Card to Profile” form from list.
  • Next, type in the last 6 digits of the card and name on the card.
  • Click “Submit.”

Change your debit card PIN anytime

If your debit card is tied to your online account, you’ll see the last four digits of your card number inside of digital banking. Tap the number.

  • Once you tap on your account number, you’ll see a number of options including
  • “Security>Change PIN.” Tap this section.
  • Next, type in your new 4-digit PIN. Confirm the change by typing the same number in the “Re-enter” box.
  • Finally, hit “Change PIN.”

What next?

  • As an added level of security, you’ll be asked to enter a code to verify the change. You choose how to get the code: via text or email.
  • Almost immediately, you should see the code come through on your phone as a text message or email. Copy that number from your message, and paste it into the “passcode” box on your screen.

You should now start using your new PIN.


Turn your card off and on

You can turn your debit card on and off in your digital account.

  • Select “Manage Cards” in your digital account.
  • The card tied to your online account should show as “On.”
  • To turn your card off, tap “On.”
  • Tap on red “Turn Off” button.
  • Your debit card is now turned off.

To turn the card back on, follow the same steps as turning it off, only choosing “Turn On.”

If you believe your card is being used fraudulently, call 877-771-2316.

Get alerts when your card is used

To assure you’re the only one using your debit card, get a text or email alert every time your card is used. You can also get an alert if your card is declined. Then if it’s NOT you using the card, let us know so we can stop additional transactions right away.

  • Select “Manage Cards” in your digital account.
  • Then, click the “>” sign next to your card number.
  • Next, choose “>” sign “Manage Alerts.”
  • Click the “>” sign next to “Alert Type” and choose which type of alerts you would like.
  • Choose “Save” when prompted.

You can manage your card limit

Most INB debit cards have a daily limit of $3,000. We set limits to protect you in the event your card is compromised.

But maybe you’d like to use your card to pay for a big auto repair or to upgrade your appliances. You can! Here’s how:

  • Select “Manage Cards” in your digital account.
  • In “My Cards,” choose the card you’d like to increase the limit on.
  • Then choose “Request Temporary Spending Limit Increase.”
  • You’ll then see a message asking you to confirm this option. Hit “Confirm” at the bottom of your screen.

You’ll then have 30 minutes to spend at the new, temporary level. The level will be the lesser of $10,000 or your current balance. After 30 minutes, your spending limit will revert back to the lower level.