As INB Controller, Craig Clark not only works closely with a team of six but also with others across different areas of the bank. With their help, he manages all accounting activities established within bank policies and procedures.Photo of Craig Clark

“I truly love my team,” Craig says. “We get along well, and everyone seems to enjoy what they do. It’s a privilege to be able to grow and improve together.”

Because of his diligence as controller, Craig has recently been promoted to vice president at INB.

Varied Industry Experiences Perfect for INB

Craig began at the bank in 2017, coming from an accounting background in a variety of different industries – including agriculture, manufacturing, environmental remediation and most recently, nonprofit.

“Those experiences have benefited me in banking and given me a broader perspective in my role for INB,” he says.

Craig notes that he has long been impressed with INB’s support of its staff. This kind of culture also allows him to help his own team develop new skills.

“INB’s desire is for our staff to grow and excel to the best of our ability. That happens through continuing education, professional development opportunities, and fostering reading and deep conversations. There is an underlying concept of continual learning in our company culture,” he says.

Accounting Team Makes Jobs Easier for Other Departments

Craig says he enjoys the collaborative work with his team most in his position.

“I like the challenges and constant improvement to processes, as well as helping my team be more influential and helpful to others in the bank,” he shares.

While Craig’s day-to-day activities won’t change, he’s certainly appreciative of his promotion.

“I’m excited that INB recognizes the hard work our team has done,” he says.