Since joining INB in 2003, Larry Buske has taken on multiple roles for the bank’s Deposit Operations, learning all of the computer systems and implementing new reporting tools.Photo of Larry Buske

Because of his long-time leadership in technology at INB, Larry was recently promoted to AVP, BSA Officer. BSA stands for Bank Secrecy Act.

“I have been with Deposit Operations since I started at INB; as the department has changed with different coworkers over time, the ‘team’ environment has always been there,” Larry shares.

On the Lookout for Fraud

In 2008, Larry began to monitor suspicious activity to mitigate fraudulent transactions. In 2018, he took on a new role for INB’s Compliance Department to work with policies and regulations as outlined by the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti Money Laundering.

“While in Deposit Operations, I was able to learn a variety of job duties,” he says. “This helped me learn how the different areas affected each other and helped in balancing.”

Anti Money Laundering, or AML, refers to the regulations, laws and procedures to prevent illegally obtained funds from being used as legitimate income.

“In my current position with AML, I find it interesting looking for patterns of customer behavior that may indicate suspicious activity,” Larry shares.

New Technology Automates Monitoring

In his new role, Larry looks forward to the challenges of using technology to reduce fraud and suspicious activity.

“I’m excited about transitioning to a new, automated system for BSA/AML activity monitoring, fraud prevention, and high risk customer management,” he says.