Courtney Maszkiewicz has noticed an exciting trend lately as a relationship banker at INB’s Wabash branch.

“With back-to-school, we’ve seen many of our loyal customers now bringing in their children to establish their first checking account!” she says.

“I feel that says a great deal about INB and the solid relationships we have built with our customers over the years. They trust us enough to now have their children banking with us. I love being a part of that!”

Courtney has experienced 20 years of those solid relationships at INB as she celebrates her service anniversary during this year’s third quarter. A large group is joining her at 20 years, including: Shane Fuoss, VP, Information Technology; Kelley Himmelberg, VP, Director of HR; Kim Beckett, Deposit Operations Specialist; Audra Von De Bur, Remittance Services Supervisor; Ron Welch, Lead Computer Operator; Joe Brownfield, Remittance Admin Specialist; Renae Williams, Remittance Specialist; and Tina Baker, Remittance Specialist. 

Mary Belford, Mortgage Funder, and Tiffany Baker, Compliance Analyst, are commemorating 15 years at the bank. 

Five-year anniversaries include Steve Miller, VP, Client Services; Wanda Savoy, Relationship Banker; and Jon Filbrun, Closing Manager. Photos of all the people celebrating anniversaries

Small Town Feel, Big Bank Services

“I enjoy working at INB for the small town bank feel that we give to our customers,” Wanda says. “I have gotten to know many of our customers on a personal level, and I think they enjoy being able to contact us directly with any questions, concerns or to just call and say hello.”

Audra notes that INB is always “evolving to the needs of consumers.”

“This definitely is not my parents’ bank from 50 years ago, and this definitely isn’t the same bank as when I started,” she says. “By remaining relevant and up-to-date, we are always offering our customers new products and services that make banking and managing their money easier. Every day there is something different and new with my job. It has been exciting seeing all of the changes over the years.”

Ron echoed that he enjoys the fast pace and keeping up with changing technology.

“There’s a lot of variety; no day is the same,” he says. “I’ve worked with computers for 45 years, and now we call those the ‘dinosaur years.’ Technology changes so quickly every few years. I enjoy the work and the people around here; it’s been a great 20 years at INB.”

Kim started at the original INB as a data entry clerk in August 1989 (she still has her employee ID!), and she loves that she’s been able to build a 20-year career at the “new” INB.

“What makes me happy in my role here at INB is to be able to help out the customers that I deal with on a daily basis. If I don’t know the answer, I will find someone that does,” she says. “I try to make all INB experiences the best that they can be, whether it is an internal co-worker or external customer.” 

Attitude Reflects Leadership

One of Jon’s favorite quotes is from the movie Remember the Titans: “attitude reflects leadership.” He began as a temp with no background in banking or mortgage, but as he’s moved up at INB, he strives to lead by example following this sentiment, following what he’s seen from others at the bank.

“The first thing that really stood out to me with INB was how accessible everyone in the bank is,” he shares. “Our leadership team really understands the importance of listening to ideas because they know the frontline people see the most, and understand the needs of our customers. It is a fantastic feeling knowing that our voice is heard.” 

INB’s culture supports continued education and technology to enhance the experience of both internal employees and customers, Shane says.

“Always having the opportunity to help people while enhancing my knowledge and learn new things is why INB has been a great place to work,” he shares. “I love being able to help fellow co-workers and customers by implementing solutions that solves a problem or makes processes more efficient. INB understands that technology is necessary to efficiently run a business and doesn’t hesitate to acquire the necessary resources to keep them ahead of their competition.”

Technology Explosion

Since Tiffany joined 15 years ago, INB has expanded into new markets across Central Illinois and the St. Louis region. She’s experienced a lot of technological advances during this time.

“Technology has changed in many ways allowing for process improvement and for the customer experience,” she says. “INB has always tried to be on the cutting edge for technology in the banking industry. The bank is always looking for ways to improve and grow in their local communities.”

One experience that stands out to Steve Miller over the last five years is the conversion of INB’s digital app.

“I knew at this point I made the right choice in working at INB. This was a major change that had to be seamless to our customer,” he recalls. “Many of us worked long hours together before, during, and after to make this a positive experience for both our internal and external customers.

Everyone was positive, happy and had the same goal in mind, which was to make our customer’s financial lives easier.”

Positivity Even in Uncertainty

This year has brought some particularly unique challenges amid the COVID pandemic, but Mary says serving customers has kept a positive focus.

“We knew we were going to make it, and we were going to take the very best care of our customers, and each other,” she says. “I don’t think I would ever be so lucky as to work with such a great group of people in any other career outside of INB.

“We have gathered outside of the office as friends, performed community service together, participated in 5K races with the Running Club, and been a part of INB commercials. There is a place in my heart for all of the people of INB.”

INB continually challenges employees to learn and grow, even in difficult seasons. Over her 20 years at the bank, Kelley has always felt like a contributing member, never a number.

“At the beginning, it was exciting to be on the ground level and help build a company. I have held numerous positions here at the bank and each one has helped me build my knowledge base and develop close relationships with my coworkers,” she says. “The relationships that I have formed are irreplaceable, and I have shared in the joys and sorrows as our families have changed and coworkers have grown in their careers. I have been able to watch a small company expand to markets that none of us dreamed of years ago.”