INB’s mortgage operations department may work behind the scenes, but the staff is always thinking about the world beyond its doors. Jon Filburn, the department’s closing manager, says Random Act of Kindness (RAK) are part of his department’s culture.The James Project logo

“Just the act of doing something random and kind for someone deserving brings a lot of joy into my life,” he says. “I have been given a great opportunity here at INB, and I always had a goal to give back whenever possible, even if it means going without something myself. I have a quote on my desk that says, ‘It only takes one person, and one act of kindness, to inspire others, and create change,’ but I am lucky to have a group of people here at INB that is willing to help create that change.”

To help create random acts, the operations team has a RAK donation jar. Because of Covid, the group isn’t always working out of the same space, so donations are down. To take up the slack, Jon put out a call to his teammates. And they came through big-time, collecting over $1,000.

With $1,040 to donate, the team chose to make a single, random donation to the James Project, a not-for-profit that provides support to fostering families in Sangamon County. The support can mean anything from a home to weekly meals and personal care items.

Jon says, “A really good friend of mine actually volunteers there, and she shared a post that they were in need of beds. A child cannot be placed in a new home until they have a bed, and the thought of so many kids getting placed in temporary living arrangements (instead of in a foster home) made us jump into action. I feel like the sooner they can get placed into a good environment, the sooner they can start to feel comfortable with their new family.”

INB’s mortgage team rallied around Jon and made its donation Oct. 13.