Even after 20 years, Theresa Adams continues to be happy with the way INB operates.

Even after 20 years, Theresa Adams continues to be happy with the way INB operates. Most recently, she’s impressed with how quickly bank leaders adapted to the stay-at-home orders in response to the coronavirus pandemic.Photos of employees celebrating service anniversaries

“The way they handled this pandemic we’re facing has been nothing short of remarkable,” she shares. “They’ve worked so hard making sure employees and customers are safe. I feel like with all of the technology the bank has put in place even before all of this happened, we were prepared to get through this with what seemed like ease.”

Over two decades, Theresa has worked in many departments, from card services to accounting, but she’s found her true home in deposit operations. Theresa is proud to be celebrating her 20th anniversary at INB during 2nd quarter 2020, along with Deena Smith, VP, mortgage originator.

Jason Routzahn, mortgage funder, is celebrating 15 years, while Barb Farley, senior teller at INB’s Dirksen branch, has 10 years at INB. Commemorating 5 years are Katie Trask, lockbox clerk; Sean McIntyre, deposit operations/ACH operations specialist; and Jody Bruce, senior teller at INB Mt. Pulaski.

“I have always enjoyed the people that I have worked with through the years,” Deena says. “My managers have been good people to work with and have always given me respect, so it was easy to return that mutual respect. And some of my refinance customers I have known for the 20 years that I have been with the bank, so it’s nice to have a close relationship with them.”

Collaborating for customer success 

What Sean enjoys most about his career at INB is the collaboration and teamwork among staff members. 

“Everyone here is more than willing to help out a coworker in any way they can,” he says. “We all want to see the bank continue to succeed, and to provide top-notch customer service. At no point during my time here have I felt less important than anyone else. Everyone knows it takes teamwork to reach the goals we all want to reach, and no one is above asking for help.” 

Staff teamwork means that customer issues get solved quickly, minimizing the stress for the people we serve.

“Everyone knows that an unfavorable financial situation can be very frustrating and, at times, frightening. If a customer finds themselves in one of these situations, I want them to know they can call us, and it will be resolved quickly,” Sean says. “What may seem like a simple and easy task to one of us can mean much more to someone worried about their money, and I’m happy to be here to help put their minds at ease.” 

Jason has found that working together leads to improved solutions for our customers across each department.

“One thing I noticed most about INB when starting in the loan services department 15 years ago was that the culture was so much different than other places I’d worked. Everyone was so open to new ideas and ways of doing things, which has led us to being one of the more innovative banks around for the last 20 years,” he says.

INB supports growth in staff and in community

Jason also appreciates the way INB employees invest in our communities. Staff is encouraged to support the causes they care about, which “sets INB apart from other banks in the area,” Jason noted.

Whether it’s making a positive difference in our communities or investing in our careers, INB promotes learning and growing. 

Theresa says: “I’ve been challenged to learn and grow in each department, and I’m always up for a challenge to learn something new; there’s no shortage of new things to learn at INB. I love to organize and make a job more efficient, and I’ve been encouraged to do that. I’ve worked at other banks, but none of them compare to INB.”