We recently installed a new ATM machine at the corner of Lawrence and Monroe streets in Springfield. Mike Jones, ATM analyst with INB, says the new machine will make it easier for customers to get to their cash.

The new machine offers a tilt-able, tablet-like screen.Barnaby at the ATM

“The new ATM has a tilt screen, so it’s easier to read the screen no matter what the height of your vehicle,” explains Mike.  With the older machine, some drivers had to take off their seat belts, lean out the window or even leave their cars to conduct a transaction. That should never happen with the new ATM.”

Mike adds the new machines also offers a total touchscreen experience, with none of the once-confusing buttons. “Now people know exactly what to do to make a transaction. They don’t need to move between the screen and buttons.”

Additionally, the card reader and cash dispenser are now in the middle of the ATM. “It’s just one more thing that makes the experience a pleasant one,” says Mike. 

In addition to convenience, the new ATM provides energy-saving features like a low-energy LCD display. LCDs consume much less power than the LED gas display that was in the old Lawrence Street ATM. “Anytime we can make a change in the name of energy savings, that’s a good thing, even though in the case of the ATMs, the overall savings isn’t that significant because they’ve never used a huge amount of power,” says Mike.

Customer Number One Reason for New Machine

Mike’s is thrilled with the new model of ATM INB chose to purchase. He says, “Customers expect and deserve to find an ATM in top condition that is both efficient and easy. People are inconvenienced when they find an ATM that doesn’t work. INB dedicates all the resources necessary to ensure we have ATMs that are clean, open and efficient. We have 99% uptime. I’ve had customers of other banks tell me they use INB ATMS because they are always open while many times they find their own banks’ ATMs closed.”

The ATM on Lawrence was 13 years old.  Mike adds, “We’d refurbished it to assure speed and accuracy, but it had reached the end of its useful life.” 

INB plans to replace two additional branch ATMs this year, one in Riverton and the other at our North Dirksen Parkway location. And you can count on Mike continuing to take pride in the ATMs he manages for us. He plans to ensure each new – and old – machine is full of cash, clean and functional.

To learn more about Mike’s involvement in the world of ATMs, check out this blog post. You’ll learn the role Springfield played in taking ATM machines worldwide.