Having been with INB since she was 17 years old, Sam Patrick feels like she’s grown up alongside the bank.

“I began my career as a teller and worked my way through the retail department, eventually landing in the mortgage department where I was able to find my passion,” she says.Sam Patrick

“To be a part of cultivating and growing our department has been both challenging and rewarding. As mortgage processing manager, I get to come to work every day with an amazing team to help our customers reach their dream of homeownership.”

Sam is celebrating 15 years working at INB for the 4th quarter of 2019, along with Gretchen Cromwell, portfolio management assistant.

Commemorating 10 years at INB is Kyle Pfeifer, leader financial risk consultant. Lynn Sellers, treasury operations specialist, and Daynell Northrop, teller at Pleasant Plains, are each celebrating five years at INB.

“I am very blessed to have built strong relationships with the people I work with, as well as the customers I serve,” Daynell says. “Our customers become friends and even part of our family, not just a transaction.”

‘Atmosphere of Learning’

For Lynn, the opportunity to learn from others who are willing to share their expertise has been very influential to her career at INB.

“What stands out to me has been working under the various excellent supervisors at the different branches from the time I started with INB as a float teller to my current position. Their training, knowledge of expertise and patience has made a huge impact on where I am now in my current career,” she says.

Kyle has also recognized and appreciated what he calls an “atmosphere of learning” at INB.

“Everyone is willing to take the time and effort to teach you the ‘why’s’ and not just the ‘how’s’,” he explains. “If you develop an understanding of why you’re doing something, as opposed to just learning how to do something, you find more value in what you’re doing. It gives you the knowledge to improve processes and not just complete them. Whenever I find a way to improve a process, I find it very rewarding.

“Banking employs a wide variety of disciplines, and INB has fantastic people that are very knowledgeable in their respective areas,” Kyle adds. “This, combined with INB’s culture of learning, gives everyone here the opportunity to learn a variety of skills and find something they truly enjoy and feel passionate about.

“Once you find that passion like I have, 10 years can fly by in a hurry.”

Finding a Home at INBGretchen Cromwell

Gretchen began her career with INB when the bank acquired Riverton Community Bank, which at the time was a single branch with no online presence.

Jumping to a larger team at a bigger bank with robust technology was a tremendous change. But Gretchen found a home – first as a senior teller, then teller supervisor at two INB branches, and finally her current position with the commercial lending department.

“I have worked with so many people and made so many friends with coworkers and customers,” she says. “Only three of us original RCB employees remain, but we have definitely found our place at INB.

“We have been given so many more opportunities to grow professionally and have great support within the bank and are glad that even though we now work at a much bigger bank, we still have that same hometown bank feel.”