Sean Sexton recently completed a project with the INB retail team that left an impression on him.

“I worked with the retail managers on our budgeting system; we all got together to help everyone understand the budgeting process and listen to some suggestions and critiques they had to help make it an easier task every year,” Sean shares.

“It was enjoyable to see the retail perspective that I don’t normally see in my daily job, and it showed me how open and positive the INB culture is. They were a great group of people to work with.”

Thanks to his readiness to participate in a collaborative environment and share his contributions with the team – among many other skills – Sean was recently promoted to Accounting Officer at INB.

Sean joined INB in May of 2017 as an Accounting Specialist II. He is a graduate from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.

Experience, Environment Make for SuccessSean Sexton

Before he joined INB, Sean worked for the Illinois Department of Revenue for four years. His manager notes that Sean takes initiative to suggest and implement positive changes within the department and has proven to be a well-respected leader within the INB accounting department.

“INB has been a good fit for me because of the challenging environment,” Sean says. “Not having prior banking experience forced me to obtain a lot of bank-specific knowledge very rapidly. It still feels like I am constantly learning, even after two years here. I like the fact that I never feel like I am doing the same job over and over again.”

In his new role, he looks forward to more opportunities for professional development and helping his department grow. He is grateful for a team that works well together.

“In accounting, we have a lot of busy times throughout the year and a lot of big deadlines at year-end,” he says. “The part of my job I enjoy most is my coworkers. Doing this with people who keep it fun and remain calm under pressure helps these times to be enjoyable even when it gets hectic.”