2nd quarter service anniversaries, Rick Schramm, Nathan Van Zele, John MoseleyAs Rick Schramm observes, working at INB is not just a job; it’s an opportunity for employees to impact their communities for the better.

“The interesting part of my job as a commercial loan officer is we have the chance to change the ‘face’ of a community,” says Rick, SVP, commercial lending. “Fortunately, there are people who see a greater vision for a piece of land or an existing commercial property. And by providing financing, what once was vacant or old now stands a new or refurbished property. In turn, these projects increase the tax base of a community, and ultimately the ability for a community to survive and hopefully grow.” 

Rick is celebrating 15 years of being part of positive change at INB, along with Nathan Van Zele, operations officer. John Moseley, floor plan auditor, is commemorating five years with INB during the second quarter of 2019. 

Friendly Atmosphere 

John Moseley said he feels he has found the ideal part-time job in retirement as a floor plan auditor. He appreciates the close relationships between staff, both on and off the clock, and he has enjoyed INB employee events such as the company-wide party held at the LRS Hangar five years ago as part of the bank’s 15th anniversary celebration.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my first five years working for Illinois National Bank. I enjoy working with John Wilson (executive vice president and chief lender), the other commercial loan officers and the various dealerships,” John says. “There is a friendly atmosphere with all of the employees that makes for a great place to work.” 

Nathan Van Zele actually met and married his wife, Lindsay, through his job at INB. Both Van Zeles started at the bank in 2004. While they don’t work in the same building, they occasionally collaborate on projects and enjoy seeing each other at bank events. INB has been endlessly supportive of their family, which now includes two daughters.

“We both have been here 15 years, and it really does feel like a family,” Nathan says. “INB has grown quite a bit in the last 15 years, and we still have a lot of people here from back in those early days.”