Evan Westlake and Chris ButlerBecause Butler Funeral Homes is made up of different entities, the company has needed a variety of financial services over the years - from business loans to trust services to deposit operations.

For the last 16 years, Butler has found a solution for their needs by banking with INB.

“From the start, the individuals in these respective areas we have worked with have always been very attentive to our needs and helped us,” says Chris Butler, owner of Butler Funeral Homes. “They haven’t simply been ‘order takers,’ but rather they take the time to listen to our needs and then look for and work for options to help us achieve our business goals.”

Butler Funeral Homes has been a staple in the Springfield community, with origins of the firm dating back to 1893 with the formation of Kirlin and Egan (originating in a building at 4th and Adams where Cafe Moxo now operates). In 1940, longtime employee Harold Butler assumed ownership of the firm, which eventually came to be known as Kirlin-Egan and Butler Funeral Home.

The company stayed in the Butler family. Today, the flagship Butler Funeral Home & Cremation Tribute Center continues operation in Springfield under Chris’s leadership, and the company has also expanded to include several other entities and locations, with INB’s support.

Banking Local

Butler Funeral Homes first began their relationship with INB in 2003. Previously, they had been clients of other banks that were each acquired by larger financial institutions.

“It was harder for our needs to be met because decisions truly had to be made out of town by people who didn’t know us or Springfield,” Chris says. “Our choice for INB was a combination of its people, its operation and services, and its presence in the community. When we looked at that back in 2003, that was what made our determination, and I feel they have maintained and improved upon each of those areas.”

Today, the mission of Butler is “to help you mourn the death of your loved one and celebrate their life with dignity and respect - and with genuine care and concern for survivors.”

Partnership Important

Butler has not only partnered with INB for expansion opportunities, but also community initiatives, including Operation Honor Guard in 2017.

“We currently work most often with Evan Westlake (SVP commercial lending), and he has not only carried on the tradition of service we have been accustomed to at INB, he has taken it to another level. We appreciated the Executive Perspective Learning Series that he was instrumental in developing that was held in conjunction with UIS a few years back,” Chris says.

As INB celebrates our 20th anniversary in June 2019, Chris reflects on how INB has impacted the central Illinois community for the better.

“INB is a wonderful corporate community member,” he says. “They bring many jobs to our community, offer essential services, and look for ways to help make the community a better place for everyone.”