Enhanced service and savings: in a nutshell, that’s the driving force behind INB’s new partnership with merchant services provider First Data.man paying for coffee

So, What Does “Merchant Services” Mean and Who Is This for?

Merchant services essentially refer to transactions between you and your customers and are tailored to businesses who process these payment transactions, from credit and debit cards to point-of-sale systems.

While there are thousands of processing companies across the world, INB chose First Data particularly because of its arm that serves community financial institutions.

Not only are they saving INB business customers money, but First Data offers superior customer service. Our merchant services representative is regional and able to meet with INB customers face-to-face. If our customers are faced with a processing issue, they can call a U.S.-based direct line, rather than getting sent to an operator system to navigate like many other companies.

How to Get Started

The process to set up your business with INB’s new merchant services is simple: an INB representative will first speak to you about your processing system or needs. We’ll take a look at your last full month of processing - or your last busy month if you run a seasonal business.

Then we’ll work together with First Data before meeting with you to help you apply for the services. Following application approval, we’ll come into your business to install and set up everything you need to process payments from your customers.

Service Part of the Solution

As with any new product or service we implement, INB’s new merchant services are aligned with our overall high standard for customer service. We consistently look for the best solutions for our customers on multiple fronts - not only financial savings and quality service but also user-friendly and intuitive tools.

Most businesses who are running consistent transactions would be a good fit for our new program, so give me a call today at 217-747-8715 to learn more about how your business can benefit.