Abe, going on vacationYou only need $50 to open a You Name It Savings Account. You choose what you’re saving for, then set your goal and savings target. On the target date, your money will automatically transfer into your INB checking or savings account.

You can also make saving money automatic and easy with the INB Pocket Change program. When you enroll, if your debit card is tied to your checking account, you can round up each debit card purchase, up to $9.  The bank will move those funds into your dedicated savings account at the end of each day.

And if you’re a customer participating in the INB Pocket Change program with a You Name It Savings Account, INB will match 100% of your Pocket Change transfers for the first 90 days, up to $100. This was a great incentive for me to want to open this savings account.

To save for our big trip, I increased the designated amount of money rounded up from my debit card purchases to then be set aside into my savings account, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to realize that I really don’t miss the extra change coming out.

With all the benefits of the You Name It Savings Account, my savings is growing quickly, giving me a fantastic start toward packing up my family for a dream vacation that will create wonderful memories for all of us.