running center businessThe Springfield Running Center  has been helping people find the right shoe for over 35 years.  And now they’re part of the power of BaZing, a program that’s included with all INB checking accounts.

If you buy a pair of shoes from The Running Center and show your BaZing deal on your phone, you’ll get a free pair of moisture wicking socks.* “Actually,” says Owner Tracy Dowell, “you could get three pairs if you choose a three-pack. It just depends on whether you choose our most luxurious socks which are sold as singles or our less-expensive moisture-wicks that come three to a pack.”

While the right sock is important, Dowell says their service begins by doing what no one else in town does: “We fit people for the right type of running, walking, workout or work shoe.  A lot of physicians send their patients here because we can fill a medical need.”

When you stop in for a pair of shoes, you can expect the staff to take a good look at your feet, paying special attention to your arch.  Someone will watch you walk.  You might be asked to use the treadmill.  Dowell says, “We analyze your foot to see if you over pronate and supinate. We definitely take the extra step to make sure you’re getting fitted in the right shoe.”

Dowell notes it takes time to work one-on-one with customers, but that’s what makes The Running Center stand out. “You can get shoes anywhere,” she says. “But you come here to get the right shoe at the right price.”  She notes they are priced competitively to department and big box stores.

The Springfield Running Center staff is professionally trained by product and tech reps.  These reps teach about individual products and provide follow-up and on-line training.

Next time you need new running shoes, or if you’re just having trouble finding a good walking shoe, consider a trip to the Springfield Running Center. And be sure to have your BaZing app downloaded on your smartphone. Then if you’re an INB checking account customer, you’ll be set to redeem your Running Center BaZing deal and get a free pair – or pack – of socks.

*Merchant offers subject to change without notice.