“Firsts” are always unpredictable because you just don’t know what to expect. No matter how well you plan, there always seems to be a surprise. The surprise about our first Shred Event is that everything went perfectly, and we raised $150 for the local Junior Achievement. Other surprises from INB Peoria’s first Shred Event included:

  • 3,002 pounds of paper were collected for shredding.  That means thousands of fewer documents in the Peoria area in the hand of potential thieves.
  • Probably more non-customers than customers took advantage of the service.  That’s fine by us, just not what we expected.
  • Confidential Security Corp. was more than awesome.  The staff helped people unload boxes from their cars . . . really managed and directed the entire recycling process.  That service allowed INB staff to stand near the street and direct people to the parking lot AND welcome people into our bank lobby for coffee and donuts.
  • We needed to be “open” longer than two hours.  People were still driving up after the recycling company left.

Bottom line, we have some lessons learned.  Thanks to Peoria for supporting the event.  We’ll do this again!

Peoria shred event

Here I am with Universal Teller Sade Boyd. Oct. 17 was one of our first cool days, but the sun was shining brightly, and the Peoria community was definitely getting its shred on!