Ice princessI’ve been helping plan one “princess party” for a year and a half. The other less than 30 days.  The two events are three days apart.  It’s interesting how life’s occasions seem to collide like this.

A year and a half in the making

My daughter is getting married Dec. 12.  She’s my “princess” daughter.  She’s the dresses and lace one.  The one who had a “pink” birthday followed by a “purple” birthday.  So you can imagine, she’s planning a wedding of many princess-like things, with just enough “rustic” thrown in to keep her outdoor-loving, deer-hunting, future husband comfortable.

30 days from start to finish

Then there’s this princess who followed Jamie Singer and me from the Memorial Medical Center’s Festival of Trees to the office.  We’re having a party for INB’s new princess-in-residence Dec. 9.

As I pointed out in a previous blog, Jamie was very worried the loan “guys” who work downtown with us would give her grief for coming home with a “frilly girl” for the bank’s lobby.  I promised her we’d make it all good.  As it turns out, we didn’t have to do much of anything.  Apparently, when you’re a famous princess, everyone wants a photo with you.

The week following the Festival Gala, we began hearing how young fans of a particular movie “loved” the INB tree.  I even had a friend text to tell me how her niece took her by the hand to show her the INB tree.  Jamie’s friends were sending photos of the tree adorned by kid fans.

In our texts and emails, everyone called it “the INB tree.”  We really wish we’d have had the smarts to make a tree that resembled a famous Disney character (whose name we cannot even mutter for fear of copyright infringement.)  Instead, the luck of the lottery gave us this very unique tree designed by two smart women.

You’re invited

The Ice Princess is now in our lobby, and we’d like you to attend our Princess’ Party.  Here are the details:

What:  Ice Princess Holiday Celebration

Time: 4 – 7 p.m.

Date: Wed., Dec. 9, in conjunction with Downtown Springfield’s Holiday Walk

Place: INB’s main lobby, 322 E. Capitol Ave., Springfield

Activities: Photo opportunity, royal entertainment, donations to community organizations, prize drawing and treats for kids.

See you there . . . on my last working day before MY real-life princess walks down the aisle.