iStock_000068060373_LargeIf you have an INB Power or Power Plus Checking Account, the name “Power” is there for a reason.  For example, you have Identity Theft Aid as part of the package of services provided through our checking account partner, BaZing.

Identify Theft Aid provides these services:

  • One-on-one resolution assistance which includes help in notifying creditors and third parties of identity theft, case file preparation, notice and letter preparation, assistance with identity theft affidavits and fraudulent account summaries, financial counseling, legal document preparation assistance, free legal consultations and mediation assistance.
  • Resolution of social media abuses with a fraud specialist to assist with notifications of privacy changes on social media sites.  Fraud specialists will work to support needs related to protecting information held in smart phones, including help with deactivating a lost cell phone.
  • Helping a spouse and/or estate executor by addressing the challenges faced when considering assisted living or hospice care. At death, a fraud specialist will assist the surviving spouse or executor review the deceased’s credit file for fraudulent activity and provide a report. The specialist will resolve fraud issues, including those impacting the surviving spouse.

To take advantage of these benefits, simply call BaZing Customer Service at 855-822-9464 and BaZing will connect you with a fraud specialist.

Your Power or Power Plus account offers many other benefits not typically expected from a checking account.

Are you taking full advantage?

When you add in the Payment Card Protection and Personal Identity Protection features available with INB Power and Power Plus checking, you’ll find the value of your checking account goes up considerably given you might easily pay up to $10 to $25 a month for these or similar services if purchased independently on the open market.