INB Call CenterWe’re always looking for ways to make banking easier.  When looking at the phone calls coming into our main line, we realized we could serve you better, so last month we opened our Call Center.

Our Call Center is staffed by three bank employees who have a broad range of experiences.  They will answer your questions immediately or get back to you if they need to do research.

  • Jenny Broughton has been with the bank since it opened in 1999, serving first as a teller and banker, then on staff in the consumer credit card and payroll card areas. Most recently she ran the bank’s commercial credit card portfolio
  • Chris Webb has been with INB for nine years and in banking since 1998. She has served as a teller, senior teller, vault teller, supervisor and most recently as a universal and personal banker.
  • Konner Dudley has been with INB almost a year. He is a graduate of University of Illinois with a degree in Communications. Konner served as a teller before joining the Client Services team.

How a Centralized Call Center Will Help You

When you ask how important this new unit is, consider a survey from earlier this year that asked, “How important is customer service in your choice of or loyalty to a brand or business?” Of the consumers surveyed:

  • 98% said it was somewhat or very important.
  • 68% have stopped doing business with a brand because of poor customer service.
  • 56% have higher expectations for customer service than they did in 2014.
  • 62% feel that overall customer service is getting better rather than worse.

Only 62% feel customer service is getting better.  While not specific to INB, we want to see this number improve, and we believe one of the ways our Call Center can do this is by quickly identifying issues.  In the past, several different areas might be alerted to a problem.  Today, with all calls coming into the Call Center, we’ll quickly realize there is an issue, investigate it, and find a resolution.  In handling concerns like this, our bankers, loan officers and other behind-the -scenes staff can focus on serving you in other ways.

Just call 217-747-5500 or 877-771-2316

And who doesn’t like it when a real, live person answers a phone?  No one wants to call a business and get stuck in the automated voice response system.  Then there are times when your call gets transferred from person to person within an organization until you get to the one who can answer your question.  That’s why we’re so happy with our Call Center team.  Each member has worked in what we call “Retail,” (in our branches, helping customers), so we’re confident Jenny, Chris and Konner can answer your questions.  And when they can’t, they know exactly who to reach out to.  And while MOST INB employees aren’t working in the Call Center, they know they’re part of the Call Center team when we need them.

I was hired this past summer to lead this new department.  After 30 years with DexMedia (formerly Dontech) in sales management, customer service and marketing, I’m thrilled with INB and with the caliber of people I was able to recruit.  As I’ve told everyone, it’s highly unusual that you identify three top job candidates, and you get them all!  If you need any type of assistance, please call 747-5500 or 877-771-2316, and you’ll experience INB Client Services in action.