VCO_IssuerToolkit_0004_PancakesYou pick up your phone or tablet while watching your favorite TV show, occasionally glancing down in search of the perfect pair of shoes. Midway through your program . . . right at the good part . . . you find THE shoes and are ready to check out.

Do you get up to find your credit or debit card? Do you wait for the commercial to type in the 16-digit card number and track down the security code? Name. Address. Etc. By the time you get done thumbing in the information on your phone’s screen, you’ve lost track of what’s going on in your long-awaited TV show. Or you’ve decided to put the shoes off for another time.

So it could be easier?

It absolutely could be easier with Visa Checkout and your INB Visa Debit Card. Once you register your card with Visa Checkout, online payments are as easy as keying in a user name and password. Best of all, your personal data is guarded by multiple layers of security and you make your payments directly from your checking account.

We’ve come a long way

Consider the pioneers of the Wild West who had to wait for the supply wagon to make its way from the East Coast! To these hearty folks, the Sears catalog opened up a whole new world of buying. The idea of shopping from a device you held in your hand would have seemed been science fiction to them. But here we are, avoiding crowded parking lots, opening and closing hours, literally running from store to store . . . we shop in our pajamas at midnight comparing products from all over the world.

And when we do, we want an easy experience from start to finish. By using Visa Checkout, the finish line is a whole lot easier.